Monday, 25 March 2013

Lost connections!

Bloggie pals!!

While Gumtree looks for our internet connection

And Charlie falls asleep waiting
We have just enough time to wish you all a Happy Easter week!

I've had no broadband connection since yesterday evening (Sunday) and am uploading this surreptitiously from work! Shhhh - don't tell the boss! 

Have a great week! I will catch up with all your blogs - internet willing- asap!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Short n Sweet n Silly!

I have a stinking cold
But I’m trying to be bold
So I continue with my story
With help from Charlie and Gumtree!

Have a good week y’all!

p.s. Am in full writing mode so apologies for this short n sweet n silly post! It  looks like it's going to be this way while I continue with my scribbling! Hope you all don't mind!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Bloody Mary Eyes

Bloggie friends!

I suddenly got the writing bug today and have eked out 346 words of a brand new-ish story!

Well, it's a re-hash of the "novel" I completed for National Novel Writing Month waaaaaaaay back in November - if y'all remember?

I left this first draft to fester long enough and it was about time I re-assessed it again with tired old bloody mary eyes! LOL!

But here's why it's taken me so long to write so little today:

1) Minesweeper - I won 1 game out of 37!


Gumtree says:  Fi fi fo fum I smell the butt of a Charlie cat!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, 4 March 2013

All A Twitter and World Book Day!

Twitter lesson no 1654: Never use your workplace’s twitter account to tweet: 

“Place is quiet, nothing happening, I am bored”


Not to worry – it wasn’t me (a work colleague actually did this) and the boss saw the funny side to it.  

But it will never happen again!

Charlie says:  I spy with my little eye something beginning with G!

A Gumster tail of course!

Happy World Book Day on 7 March! If you'd like to join the fun - click here!

Have a great week everyone!