Thursday 31 March 2011

The Case of the Missing String

Bloggie friends!!!

My jaw dropped from here to eternity when I read in my morning papers that the gorgeous 38 year old Jennifer Garner is to play Agatha Christie’s doddery Miss Marple in a sleepy St Mary’s Mead transported to America and slammed straight into the 21st century!

I’d love to juxtapose a pic of my favourite Miss Marple (80+ year old Joan Hickson) and Jennifer Garner but copyright and all that – so here is a link to an image of both women.

I reserve judgement until I see the shows first. I just think it’s hilarious but it could just work. Let’s hope!

Charlie says: My string has disappeared.

Yay – one day to Friday!

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Watching the watches

Watches, according to one of my work colleagues, are so last decade.

Apparently most people rely on their iphones, ipods, iwhatever and various other techno gizmo hand held gadgetry for time keeping.

Whether that’s true or not, I find myself all nostalgic for my childhood watches – the ones with the little nobby button at the side of the clock face that needed winding up every hour or so else the clock will stop.

Needless to say I was, and continue to be, very bad at timekeeping.

Charlie says: I watch my string.

Bloggie friends! The Weekend beckons ever closer! Hoooorah!!!

Monday 28 March 2011

Spring Fever

Bloggie friends!!

I nearly got me a bargain coat from Next shop if it hadn’t been for this mad woman who grabbed it from the hanger as I was examining the sleeves.

Yes, bloggie friends!! She swiped the coat while I was holding the sleeves.

True story!

I was so shocked – I just stared at her while she strode bold as brass.. to the till to buy it.

Talk about Spring Fever.

Charlie says: I smell bargains in this bag.

She failed to spoil my day however, as I got me a lovely skirt and top - both at half price!

Happy sunshine day everyone!

Friday 25 March 2011


Bloggie friends – you are all super duper stars!!

So please take this daffodil that’s keeping the sun off Charlie’s head! LOL! He doesn’t mind!

Today is not only Friday but it’s also my sister’s birthday (she who lives in Aussieland!).

She’s a full blooded Aries woman – passionate, passionate, passionate! And very creative!!! And yes slightly crazy - but then she's my sister and I grew up with her and I have memories that I constantly bribe her with!! LOL!

So yay for you gorgeous Aries people having birthdays this month and next!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Thursday 24 March 2011

Little things pleasing little minds

Bloggie friends!

Here is one acronym that speaks to my inner juvenile immature heart and makes me giggle every time I see it proudly displayed in the shops:


Or Buy One Get One Free.


Charlie says: I am not amused.

Ok, back to my haiku-ing. Would you Adam and Eve it but my ones need editing?

They’re like less than 17 syllables each! Good grief!! I’m losing heart bloggie friends!

Nearly Friday!

Wednesday 23 March 2011

An Ode to an Ode

writing abandoned
as kitty sleeps
across the keyboard

Ok, I write bad freestyle haikus as well! LOL!

But did anyone know that 21 March was World Poetry Day?

And that the 3rd of March was World Maths Day?

Half way to the weekend!!

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Writer's Butt Begone!

"How many calories do you burn during Sitting-writing, desk work?"

44 calories AN HOUR!!!

That's for a 41 year young gorgeous female, 62 inches tall and weighing (ahem) 126 lbs.

Go here and see how many calories you lose PER HOUR just by clicking the mousie and staring at the computer screen all day.

3 hours of blogging and I get to eat a chocolate mini muffin!! Hooorah!

Disclaimer: this is JUST FOR FUN! :-)

Charlie says: I like my butt.

Bloggie friends, Spring is here!!!

Monday 21 March 2011

Twas a poem and yes you can!

Did y’all see the big new moon?
Twas on Saturday evening not at noon!
Twas very bright and very round!
Twas high up in the skies not making a sound!

Charlie says: I have booger in my eye.

Bloggie friends – thanks to lovely Summer Ross, Womagwriter and Eliza for publicising a great opportunity to donate stories, flash, poems, photos etc towards a new e-book “New Sun Rising" - all proceeds to go to a chosen charity to assist with the earthquake relief for Japan.

If y’all interested, here is the link and all the info about this project. Go on write story, take a pic, and/or compose a poem! You know you want to!

I am deep into composing some (hopefully not so terrible) haikus for submission. So I may be scarce this week cos these little nuggets of poetry are so damned hard to get right! No rhyming!! Aaaargh!

Friday 18 March 2011

Hope in time of crises

Bloggie friends!

This is why I put up the chip-in thingy on the sidebar of my blog. This clip is quite distressing but has a hopeful ending. I hope you don't mind me sharing it here if you haven't seen it already.

Two dogs are found after the tsunami. You could hear the distress in the reporter's and cameraman's voices. These dogs are now in a rescue shelter, thanks to the immense humanity shown by all.

The full report, including translation of what was said is found here.

Today is also Comic Relief/Red Nose Day - an annual day of fundraising for charities world wide. To learn more about this day, please click here.

Charlie does his bit!

Have a loving and peaceful weekend everyone!

Thursday 17 March 2011

Chocolate and cupcakes and craic, oh my!

Bloggie friends!!!

I will never forget my first ceilidh (Gaelic social gathering or good ol fashioned PARTY!) only because in my ignorance I kept pronouncing ceilidh as "see-leeg", rather than the correct one of "kay-lee".


I did the lettering all by myself!! Yes I did! :-)

Charlie says: I was most riveted by your efforts.

Enjoy the craic!

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Snapping collars

Bloggie friends!

Guess what I’ll be adding to my weekly shop this weekend?

Charlie says: I would hope, more edible treats for moi.

Sorry lovely bloggie friends - but Charlie's collar snapping was the most exciting thing to happen to me today! LOL!!!

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Speaking the lingo

Bloggie friends!

There I was trying to catch up with all your blogs when this message flashes up in luminous purple on my screen:

“Your Dell computer is about to start an enumeration of hardware scanning”.

When my computer starts to speak to me and in better English too, it’s definitely bed time!

Charlie says: Bath time first, then snooze time.

Thanks again for all your lovely well wishes!! Let's hope Spring brings new beginnings and fresh opportunities and good health for all!

Japan Earthquake Appeals:

British Red Cross, World Vision, Global Giving, Save the Children

Here is one for animals: Wetnose Animal Aid: they help animals in need all over the world and have a special donate button specifically for the Animal Refuge in Kansai, Japan

Have a lovely day, y'all!

Monday 14 March 2011

Census Gains

Bloggie friends!!!

I’m all Census-ed up!

I’m still a bit phlegmy (cough cough)!

I’ve not done anything remotely writer-ly or creative!

And I lost 4lbs in weight!! But I guess that’s cos all I could stomach was soup!

Charlie says: I gained laser eyes, a string and a mouse.

It’s Monday!!!
Hello hugs to everyone!

Thursday 10 March 2011

Snooze time

As I snooze and snore
I won't be a bore
So here is Charlie
Engrossed in kitty ennui!

A pic of Charlie taken yesterday!

Healing hugs to all my ill and recovering and unwell bloggie friends and furriends!

Tuesday 8 March 2011


8th March is PANCAKE DAY! Or the start of Lent!

8th March is International Women’s Day!

8th March 2011 is a Tuesday!

8th March is when I beg for Daniel Craig to nurse me back to health. .. *Cough, cough*.

photo taken from this source

My scintillating blogposts may be sporadic while I battle Mr Virus but I'll still visit y'all. I may however, be slower catching up than normal.

Charlie says: So long as you are not slower than normal with my treats.

Have a healthy week everyone!!

Monday 7 March 2011

Dust bowl Monday

Bloggie friends!

This week was gonna see the much touted (ahem!) release of 100 stories for Queensland!

Remember THE anthology that’s got mine and a few fab bloggie friends’ stories in it??????

The one y’all can’t wait to buy for friends and family?? Cos I’m in it!?!?!

Oh and because it’s all for a Good Cause!?!

The publication has been delayed, but not to fear, it’ll be out soon - just not this week as intended.

So there goes my planned Monday post.

*Twiddles thumbs. Watches dry balls of grass roll by. Listens to the wind howl.*

Charlie says: I stare into space.

Thank you for all my get well wishes! I'm trying to get better, oh but it's hard!

Friday 4 March 2011

It coulda been worse

Bloggie friends! Thank you all so much for wishing me well and sending me tons of healing hugs and purrs!! Awwwww you're all stars!!

As my doctor said when he gave me my flu shot in October 2010:

“You may still get the flu or flu like symptoms but they will be worse if you don’t get vaccinated”.

Charlie says: Next door are late.

Yesterday was World Book Day!! Yay! Thanks Talli for the reminder!

Yesterday also saw the launch of the Essex Book Festival – so if you are in Essex there’s lots of writer-ly bookish things to do this March!

Finally, ze weekend is here!

Thanks lovely Kim for saying hi as I emerged from my fever!

As the doc says, it coulda been worse! :-)

Wednesday 2 March 2011


Bloggie friends!!!

A-choo, A-choo, A-choo!
I have a cold, I'm blue!
Old Kitty is so sniffly
Sneezy, eyes all puffy!
I need another tissue.
At least it's not the flu!

Charlie says: I snooze now.

Is it really only Wednesday?!!?

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Droplets of memories

Bloggie friends!

I’ve been in the same job now since 2002.

One thing I’ll never forget about my job interview was how my senior manager (now retired) fell asleep during my interview.

Oh and a long term colleague also recalls that I wore a proper suit.

He also clearly remembers the droplets of sweat on my forehead.

I console myself that one day I shall use these memories in a story somewhere!

Charlie says: I always bathe before my snooze.

Happy 1st of March!