Friday 29 July 2011

In the words of Scarlett O'Hara...

Bloggie friends!

Some mad creature took over my blog yesterday but rest assured I’m back!

So here in 19 seconds is what I hope to do for the weekend!

Charlie says: I sleep too.

Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful comments, bloggie friends!!!

I shall stop being silly and take comfort in Scarlett O'Hara's positive and hopeful words: Tomorrow is another day! Yay! (OK, she didn't say, Yay! But you get my drift! LOL!)

Happy weekend!

Thursday 28 July 2011

Pity Party

Bloggie friends! It's official! I am a no-talent loser!! And will never ever be good enough! LOL!

Not like the wonderful Simon Kewin, whose beautiful story got an honourable mention in the Clarity of Night short story competition! Yay for Simon! His fab story is here and it is beautiful!

My story? Nada. Cos I knew my entry was rubbish.

When will I ever learn that I'll never be the bridesmaid let alone the bride? I guess I'll confine myself to being the erm.. porter! LOL!

Oh but thank you all so much for reading and leaving such sweet comments, thank you!

And yay Simon, fairyhedgehog, Brigid and Four Dinners aka Maximus Spittimus's Two Legs!

Charlie says: There's gold in bad poetry writing.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Not to worry - this bit of self-indulgent pity party is but a glitch in my otherwise perky demeanour! Oh but when I wallow, I wallow! I'm a drama queen darn it! I'm an artist, albeit a rubbish one! Ok I'll stop now! LOL!

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Trolley Dolly

Bloggie friends!

I was accosted by the rudest sales lady in my beloved grocer’s shop! Oh the horror!

She was trying to get shoppers to register for the shop's self-checkout system.

When I very very politely declined to register, the woman then barked, “Oh so you’d much rather waste time queuing at a checkout till? Do you have any idea oh inefficient that is?”

I replied, “Yes, of course I do,” and walked off in the wake of other shoppers who stopped and stared.

I felt as if a shopping trolley just ran me down deliberately!

I’m trying to forgive her as I know she was only doing her job but why do so with such aggressiveness? And why ruin my shopping experience like so when I was really nice to her too? :-(

Charlie says: I am either most appalled or just really sleepy! Or both!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Tank tops

Charlie’s fiendish foray into bad poetry writing lost me a few followers. Oh dear. I am so sorry! :-)

So today, let’s talk names bloggie friends!

I nearly trip over this little boy who decided it was fun to sit on a step in the middle of a moving escalator.

His name? Erasmus - as in “Get off that step, Erasmus, I mean it!” from his mum.

Erasmus! How unusual is that name?

Next, I’m taking down a phone message for my boss. The guy on the other line tells me his name.

“It’s Scott,” he says, “with a double tee then Sherman, as in the tank. Scott Sherman.”

Gerrit? Sherman Tank??

Charlie says: It is time to get out and write more bad poetry.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday 25 July 2011


Charlie says:

I sit on your mouse
So you won’t be able
To write more bad poetry
Upon this here table!

Move along folks, nothing to see! Or read!


Thursday 21 July 2011

A Bargain, a Big Thank You and Big Hugs to Kim!

Bloggie friends THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading my little story over at Clarity of Night blog. Thank you for all you kind and encouring and beautiful words! Thank you, thank you! You are all THE BEST!

I’m so happy I just had to treat myself to a bargain! LOL!

Charlie says: My treat is extra naps.

Amazing Kim of Musings on a Small Life and Fuzzy Tales is going for an ultrasound scan today and Charlie and I are sending her BIG HUGS and pink macaroons!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

A story a day helps you work, rest and play!

Bloggie friends!! I have been a little barren in the writing of stories department when the lovely fairyhedghog introduced me to this amazing competition held by the Clarity of Night blog!

The criteria is to write a 250 word max story inspired by this pic:

My story is here.

Fairyhedgehog's wonderful story is here.

Please do get inspired and join too!!

I know mine will never win (cos it's rubbish!) but it's my first story in like 6 weeks and what is a story without readers?? Hint, hint! LOL!

Charlie says: I take shelter from the rain.

This week is so going to be a little miserable weather-wise - rain, grey, dull, rain! But I still wear my sandals and make do with very wet feet and oh so lovely pedicured nails! LOL!

Sunday 17 July 2011

A Wag of a Tale

This is a tale of Tilly
A dog so cute and silly
She ran up to me, a face full of glee
So I stopped in mid-stride
But Tilly then dived
Straight on the busy road
My heart set to implode.

I screamed “Oh please stop!”
As cars screeched and honked
Yet Tilly ran onwards
Like a furry fuzzy blizzard
Until a kind man with longer legs
Overtook her and grabbed her.

Dragged her towards me
He yelled, “Where’s the leash for your doggie!?”
I said, “That’s not my doggie!”
But Tilly’s tail wagged as I read out her tags.

“She’s called Tilly” I say and dictated her phone number
The man took his smart phone, rang and got an answer
And soon Tilly’s owner appeared, breathless and shaking
“I didn’t know she’d fled us” she said tears falling, hands trembling

So there ends our tale
Of adventurous silly Tilly
She gave us all a fright but was such a delight!


{The above happened yesterday at around noon – I was on my way to the shops when this gorgeous schnauzer – looking like Benny from the World of Hansel - came bounding towards me then tried to do a kamikaze}!

Alls well that ends well!

Charlie says: Tilly, it is much better to just lie around

Thursday 14 July 2011

A Bad Review

“I saw your cat around today,” says another neighbour.

“Oh yes?” says I, brimming with pride.

“He’s not a people cat is he? He always runs away!”


“He doesn’t like being touched. He’s not a people cat at all!”

Charlie says: I am what I am

It's like when a book on Amazon for eg, gets rave reviews then starts getting bad ones and you realise not everyone will like this particular book. Then again sometimes some negative things are best left unsaid!

Nearly the weekend, bloggie friends!

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Bouncy planets

Thank you all so much for my best wishes!!! You are all beautiful stars! May only good things and happy events shower you all!

For my birthday I treated myself to a proper re-style haircut.

Nine inches were cut off and strands layered, head massaged and green tea sipped. Ahem.

Oh but I felt like a movie star when I left the salon with hair all blow dried, silky smooth, shiny and ever so bouncy!

Unfortunately like all good things - such gorgeousness came to an end the day after when my hair reverted to its normal flat as a pancake dull lustre!

Charlie says: Wheeeeeee!

Neptune - the planet - turned one whole Neptunian year yesterday. That’s 164.79 Earth years to you and me since its discovery in 1846.

I thought I’d just share that!

Midway to the weekend!

Monday 11 July 2011

The Best Day Ever

Bloggie friends!

Today I turn 42!

And far from feeling blue

I’ll bake a cake!

And drink milk shake!

And buy a shoe or two!

Charlie says: It’s a jungle out there!

And in answer to my mum's perennial questions of "How's the writing going? Any more published stories?" I reply, "Look behind you, a naked man!" before running away. LOL!

I’ll be off line tomorrow (Tuesday) so see you all on Wednesday!

Friday 8 July 2011


Bloggie friends!

Now I could wax lyrical about how much I’m looking forward to the weekend BEFORE my birthday week (yay!) but hey, this is Blogger so here’s a visual showing just how it feels like to look forward to something so much. In writerly terms - I am showing not telling! LOL!

Charlie says: My birthday was on the 4th of July. I turned 9. Yes, the human forgot.

Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

Thursday 7 July 2011

Ah! Youth!

Bloggie friends!!

So we got to the cinema where Bridesmaids was showing but unfortunately the tickets were sold out.

So we hailed a cab and went into the heart of London – the West End – where we traipsed to 5 cinemas showing this film – all sold out.

On the upside, the last time I scoured the West End was about 15 years before – when I was silly young and never thought twice about spending evenings clubbing and pubbing in one of the most touristy yet fantastically vibrant if rather scary heart of London!

Ah, memories! Ah, youth!

Charlie says: Ah, let me out!

Nearly the weekend, bloggie friends!

Wednesday 6 July 2011


Bloggie friends!

Charlie hides his head in deepest shame at my lack of inspiration for a blog post and for anything remotely writerly!

Oh but tonight I shall be going to the cinema!!

I’m off to see Bridesmaids – a film that apparently shows that women can do funny! Yay! Hopefully it’ll help me get my writerly mojo back. And give me a chance to eat some salty popcorn!

Catch up with y’all soon!

Monday 4 July 2011

The Green eyed monster

Bloggie friends!

There I was standing in a crowded tube train carriage when this couple gets on.

The man says to me “oh wow - such long lovely hair” to which I automatically reply “thank you” because I’m polite only for the man’s partner to say something to him.

I would repeat what she said here, except she spoke in French. I only know she was unhappy because much as I think the French language is sexy – there was nothing remotely sensual with the way they spoke at each other.

True story.

Charlie says: Green is the colour of grass.

Happy Independence Day to all my fantastic American bloggie friends!

I'm off-line for most of today but I promise to catch up with y’all throughout the week.


Friday 1 July 2011

The Pad of I

Bloggie friends!

Even the Pope is now twittering! LOL!

And he does so using his ipad!

And I bet he reads the Bible on his Kindle too.

I feel like such an anachronism with my landline, print books and second hand laptop from 2008.

Now off I go to do my usual – “dye the heck out of my grey hair” thing. I think I’ll go Mahogany this week – cos I’m worth it.

Charlie says: Looking perfect is hard work.

Happy Canada Day to all my gorgeous Canadian bloggie friends!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!