Monday 28 November 2011

Chicks, Coffee, Charlie!

bootilicious babe
brave, beautiful and brainy
glass ceilings beware!

This is an entry for the Mookychick blogging competition, FEMINIST FLASH FICTION 2011. Enter now.

Thanks lovely Patsy for the info about the above!

Charlie says: Mine's a cattuccino with extra sprinkle of nip please.

Wonderful bloggie friends!

I can't wait for December, can you? It means, Christmas, holidays, pressies and fun work parties (LOL!) and more presents!! How exciting! I'm excited, I hope you all are too. And if you celebrate something else not Christmas then I hope you all have a fabulous celebration too! And please may I join? Yay!

See y'all in December!

p.s lovely Madeleine is having a Cool as a Cucumber Turn a Cliche into Something wonderful blogfest! Now I normally run away from blogfests but this sounds like "something up my street"! LOL! Details here:

Jingle bells all the way!

Monday 21 November 2011

Old Kitty - 0, Techonology - 1

Bloggie friends!

I am thankful for SOME new technology.

Seriously, for one who doesn’t own a mobile phone and never will, one who pooh-poohs e-readers and all things e-format, one who will never drive a car or learn to and one who continues to but fails to learn to swim or ride a bike or rub her tummy and tap her head at the same time, admitting to this is a Big Thing.

You see over the weekend, my pc crashed catastrophically. The only way I could revive it was to reset the whole thing to “factory settings” circa 2005/2006. LOL!

Yes I lost all my writing and documents. Note to self: always back stuff up! Grrr!

But I didn’t lose any pictures of Charlie, my angel kitties and those of my sister and her kids’ visit to England from Australia in 2009. I only managed to keep these precious pictorial memories because of these:

Yes bloggie friends, if it hadn’t been for digital cameras and their little diskettes and if it wasn’t for Boots the Chemist able to transfer photos to CDs, I’d have lost my beloved pictures too.

Charlie says: Over the weekend, I read the papers and fluff up my furrs.

p.s. I didn’t lose all my stories – luckily I sent a load out to critiquers and to myself via email so am able to retrieve these.

Monday 14 November 2011

Smile please!

Bloggie friends!

I returned home from a most trying day at work only to find these pushed through my letter box:

They are pics of Charlie taken by two different neighbours!

I knocked on their doors to thank them and was regaled by tales of how Charlie keeps them entertained by his shenanigans when he is out and about.

Well I was most touched!

Charlie says: I search for neighbourly extra treats.

Here's to ending each of your days with a smile!

And here's a purrfect way to start: a free ebook by the talented Ellen (Normanda) Whyte of a Katz Tales:

A tale of a lost cat, the humans who care for him and his adventures before he is found again! Awww it's just lovely!!

And another: why not join lovely Janice Horton's launch party for her book "Reaching for the Stars" about a celebrity chef with a lurid private life who then goes missing and the reporters who set out to find him.. it's a romance! LOL! Out on the 14 December? Details here.

See y'all soon!

Monday 7 November 2011

A Very Naughty Post - be warned! and a serious p.s. about Jack the cat

Rick of Life 101’s recent blog post about typos and their hilarious - and in his case more serious consequences - got me thinking of the working title of a recent short story I wrote.

The title was “The Last Shift”. I sent my first draft to a trusted critique partner who then immediately replied asking me if I was serious about the title of my story.

Bloggie friends! Of course I sent him “The Last Shift” not realising I had written the word “shift” WITHOUT the F.

Charlie says: I lie here, un-amused.

Pic of Charlie taken last Saturday, 5 November (Guy Fawkes’ Day), when fireworks were exploding everywhere and he was trying to be super cool about the noise!

Happy Autumn everyone!

p.s. I don't know if any of you were following the news story about Jack the Cat who was lost by AA Airlines cargo people (baggage handlers dropped his cage and he fled) in JFK airport? He was found after two months, starved and wounded. He's now gone to the Bridge. Just read the news here. I'm so sorry Jack for what was done to you. Run free now.