Monday 31 January 2011

Saucy tales

Bloggie friends!!!

There I was thinking I was spreading yummy raspberry jam on my swiss roll cake when half way through I realised it wasn’t raspberry jam.

It was cranberry sauce.

Well the jars were identical!

Anyway, after much squealing, rendering the air blue and manic scraping off of cranberry sauce, I think I’ve managed to rescue this cake.

I was thinking of maybe donating it to my lovely work colleagues. Ahem.

Charlie says: I want to know what happened to the cold white stuff.

Wish me lots of luck bloggie friends, my story submission for 100Stories for Queensland has been long listed! It may still not make it to the anthology though! There's a shortlist to be decided! Oh the torture!!!! :-)

Purrs and hugs to umi_e's Envy and Maximus Spittimus's Bumbles!

Friday 28 January 2011

Frivolity on a Friday

Bloggie friends!

Much as I try, even with copious amounts of honey, I still think Nettle tea tastes like boiled cabbages.

So endeth my Frivolous Friday Fact.

Charlie says: I have a booger in my eye.

Hey!!! It's the weekend!!!

Thursday 27 January 2011

Through the Rabbit Looking Glass

Charlie says: Today is not normal.

Charlie says: There be rabbits behind me!

Charlie says: They smell funny.

Charlie says: If you can't eat em, join em!

Happy Birthday to Lewis Carroll!!

Charlie's taking part in fairyhedgehog's Rabbit Hole Day in honour of Mr Carroll!

Wednesday 26 January 2011

A Lightbulb moment

Bloggie friends!!!

Yesterday my brand spanking new filling fell out of my front tooth.

For a while I spoke with an involuntary whistle that caused me and my dentist much hilarity!

Luckily, it’s all fixed and no harm done.

Which came to the question of what to do with the old filling that I kept safe as evidence? ( I'm an artist and I live by different rules, darn it! LOL!)

To which my dentist replied: “Try selling it on ebay”.

Hmmm. (Does anyone else see a light bulb go ping above my head??!?!)

Charlie says: When I am through with my bath I shall go next door.

The fabulous fairyhedgehog is doing her Rabbit Hole Day tomorrow to celebrate Lewis Carroll’s birthday (27 Jan). If you’d like to join up just leave a comment on her blog here and then post something weird and odd and downright Jobberwocky on your blog on the 27th! Simples! :-)

Tuesday 25 January 2011

The Waiting Game

Bloggie friends!

The worst thing about submissions? It’s the waiting. It’s just awful. I hate it.

I thought I'd just say! LOL!

Charlie says: I wait very patiently for Mr Birdie to come closer.

Happy Robert Burns Night to all Scottish people everywhere!

Monday 24 January 2011

Cheesy Improv

Bloggie friends!!

So there was my home made pizza dough - that took 2 hours of kneading and proving -all rolled out topped with fresh tomatoes, herbs, lots of garlic and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil when I discover I didn’t have any cheese in my fridge.

So instead I had a type of garlicky bread thing with tomatoes. I call it improvisation!

I would have gone out and bought some cheese but it was 9pm and by then I was very hungry!

On the plus side I submitted a story here and a poem here. My first ones of the year! They won’t get anywhere but hey! It’s a start!

Charlie says: I try to escape the garlic smell.

Monday oh Monday please go away!

Friday 21 January 2011

Crazy about my daisy!

Bloggie friends!!

I have finally resolved to get my writer-ly butt in gear!

So to kick-start my – “I must re-start my edits and write a cat story for this competition” all for the fun of it of course - here is my step one to utter, utter fabulous writer-ly mood:

Get a new screen saver WITH a fabulous daisy clock (top right of the screen)!!!!

Fridays beckon the weekend! Have a great time!

Thursday 20 January 2011

Ray of Blu

Bloggie friends!!!!

I just realised that my 9 year old DVD player does not play Blu-ray DVDs.

So if anyone has any ideas what I may do with my Blu-ray DVD of Toy Story 3 given to me as a Christmas pressie then please do say! :-)

Charlie says: I stretch across the landing cos I can.

Thursday's child is full of grace!

Wednesday 19 January 2011

A Pot of Spring

Bloggie friends!

To give me writer-ly hope as I submit my story and to hopefully put a spring on all your steps, here’s a pic that promises new life, fresh beginnings and more daylight.

A pot of various growing bulbs and a stray pansy or two.

The bulbs were planted in layers- the idea being that they will grow in various stages from spring to autumn but they seem to be growing all at once. Ooops!

Charlie says: Yep, Spring is right behind me!

Wednesdays mean we're halfway there!

Monday 17 January 2011

Out of the slump and into the fire

Bloggie friends!!

1) I lost a follower yesterday – sorry (Oh it SO matters to me)!!! I blame my bad poetry!

2) I broke my writerly slump and WROTE A VERY SHORT STORY!! Yay! I hope to submit this one for the 100Stories for Queensland - and dedicate it to my sister and her kids (that’s if I submit and if it gets accepted of course!! LOL!).

3) I am calling all bloggers harbouring their inner writers to get your kitty friendly stories to this competition run by the Cats Protection League. Short stories and poems accepted. Last year’s winning entries (read here) were fantastic and I know y’all talented and creative and wonderful with words!!!

Charlie says: I interrupt your writing to watch Bird TV.

Monday. What a day! :-) xx

Friday 14 January 2011


It’s time to write a post
On the day I love the most!
Yet words are failing me
And I need a cup of tea!
So here dear bloggie friends
My offering to make amends
My words of anarchy
Another bad poetry!

Charlie says: I run to next door quick before they shut their front door!

Friday!!!! The Weekend!! What more needs to be said!?!? :-)

Thank you all so much for your kind words for my sister and her family – they are safe. We are keeping everyone – humans/pets/wildlife- affected by the mad global weather in our thoughts.

Thursday 13 January 2011

A Moment's Pause

Bloggie friends!!

My sister who lives with her sons - my gorgeous nephews - near Brisbane, Australia sent me this pic of the flooding near her home, taken 11 Jan at 6.30 am.

By 4.55 pm they were being evacuated by the authorities. They're all ok (PHEW!) and are staying with friends but worried about the home they've left.

Charlie says: So long as they're safe.

Thursday means the weekend is getter closer!

Wednesday 12 January 2011


So I go to use one of these self service machines to pay for my shopping and I make the mistake of inserting my card the wrong way round.

The screen flashes “PAYMENT NOT RECOGNISED, PLEASE SEEK ASSISTANCE” accompanied by the voice of the machine screaming: “ PLEASE SELECT A PAYMENT OPTION OR PAY IN CASH”.

I press whatever options I can see on the screen but the voice and the words continue, non-stop.

By the time someone comes over to help, I’ve melted in a puddle of nervous convulsive sweat.

Next time I shall queue patiently at a staffed till.

Charlie says: I look for more mices in your messy pots!

Bloggie friends!! Please be reassured that I’ve been very good with renewing my library book apart from that one time where I had to pay 30p in late renewal charges! Ahem!

Wow!!Wednesday! :-)

Tuesday 11 January 2011


Bloggie friends!

A sample of how slow I am with reading a book!

I borrowed an anthology of short stories in July 2009 from a library near where I work.

And I am still reading it.

Charlie says: My mice has multiplied to the power of 3!

Let's have a Tuesday tune! La-la-la-la! :-)

Monday 10 January 2011

Writing on the wall

Bloggie friends!

Inspired by the pic of the handwriting of the lovely Jayne of Novice Novelist, I thought I’d post mine here too and perhaps visually explain the reason why I will forever and a day worship the ground of whoever invented the typewriter and the keyboard.

Charlie says: I do not worship whoever invented the flashy thing.

Booo it's Monday! LOL!!

Friday 7 January 2011

What's rain for?

Bloggie friends!!

What a silly day!! Not only did it rain heavily but the window cleaners were out in force around the estate where I live.

Yes bloggie friends!! These poor souls were wearing yellow fluorescent waterproofs splashing water on rain soaked windows.

Oh but worse!!! As I meandered towards the station, some person had their lawn sprinkler going. While it rained.

Oh well. At least I got to wear my rather fabulous and dazzling Hunter Biker kick-ass (pardon my French!) wellies!

Charlie says: I smell rainwater and soapsuds!

Have a fortunate Friday and whacky weekend everyone!!!

Thursday 6 January 2011

Blast from the Past

Bloggie friends !!!!

photo credit

One of my favourite writerly method is to keep a scrapbook of images of places, faces, etc to create a visual representation of my fictionalised world.

The above is the delectable Barbara Stanwyk.

Thank you so much for reading my blogfest entry - I really appreciate it!!! Thank you Summer Ross for the opportunity!

Charlie says: While you blather on about this and that, I play with my string!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Out and In!

Blogfest time bloggie friends! But this is short n sweet so please don’t go away! LOL!

I am to post the last sentence of one of my stories from 2010 and the beginning sentence of one of my new stories written in 2011 (further details of the fest found here).

The following is my entry:


“Now I am hungry,” the voice said as the green haze consumed him, “And I need to feed.”

Sidney Marshall loved the flicks but he never thought he’d fall for someone the spit of Barbara Stanwyk.

Thanks to lovely Summer Ross of My Inner Fairy and happy birthday to you!

Charlie says: While you blogfest away, I stare at this handsome fellow staring at me!

Have a wassup Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday 4 January 2011

An Epic Encounter

Bloggie friends!!

Today I had my chipped tooth fixed.

Now I know as a wannabe writer of stories I ought to be able to describe as lyrically and poetically as I can a day at the dentist. So here is my writerly take on it.

My day at the dentist:

OW. Ouchie. Ow. Ow. Ow. OWWWWW!!! That HURT! Please stop. No seriously. Put. That. Needle. Away.

The end

Charlie says: While you were at the dentist, I was hiding in your clothes.

Have a twirly Tuesday everyone!

Monday 3 January 2011

A Palate's Paradise

I learned a valuable lesson today bloggie friends!

I learned that a cake will always taste better with a topping.

For months now I baked my courgette cake sans the topping of the recipe (cos I was so concerned about the calories!) and whereas I liked the cake, none of my friends or family did.

So this time round I succumbed and made the topping – cream cheese, sugar and a bit of lemon.

And by golly the cake tastes incredible! Like paradise on my palate!

Of course there’s a life lesson here to be had for me. But I’m too busy wiping the cream off my hands and mouth to think about it too much!

Charlie says: I doubt very much that there'd be any leftover cream for me!

Have a tolerable Monday everyone!!

Thanks to Em's Shabby Shack for her fab courgette recipe, found here!


Saturday 1 January 2011


Charlie says: I see new and exciting things for everyone just round the corner!