Monday 30 April 2012

Love Thy Neighbour

Bloggie friends!

Now I’m used to rejection from publishers and writerly competitions but nothing quite cut to the bone as the rejection I experienced last Saturday.

Walking into town I spotted one of my elderly neighbours coming the other way. She saw me too – she stopped, looked straight at me but before I could wave to her she crossed the road – risking traffic.

Once she got to the other side, she walked head down very fast and away from me.

I’m a little torn as to what I’ve done to cause such a reaction. We normally say hello to each other in passing! So her behaviour was very odd!

I look to Charlie but he’s as lost as I am as to the whys.

Oh dear!

Charlie says: I look up at the gathering rain clouds.

Oh well! Roll on May!

Friday 27 April 2012

My email's been hacked - sorry!

Bloggie friends!

My aol email account has been hacked so please ignore anything with the subject heading "Hot Properties!! Cheap Price!!" or any other such NONSENSE purporting to be from Old Kitty/domingojenn.

I never sent any of these stupid emails and I am hacked off that these idiot hackers have invaded my and your privacy. And they have the GALL to sign me off as "Jenny".

NO ONE calls me Jenny! Grrr! LOL!

I am not a happy Old Kitty! :-(

Charlie says: I is a sad kitty too!

Off we go to weep now!

Monday 23 April 2012

Farewell Old Blogger, Old Pal!

Bloggie friends!!

I see Charlie through the window!

He stretches out with paws and tail a-kimbo!

Paws up who's been weeping over the new look blogger?! (Me! Me! LOL!)

If you have any problems etc please do register your constructive criticisms here and let’s hope Blogger designers will listen (well we can only try!).

Also this blog - The Real Blogger Status: what blogger won’t tell you is very helpful with updates and Blogger news.

Happy blogging!

Monday 16 April 2012

The Queen and I - we are published! Soon! LOL!

Bloggie friends!

Remember this lovely bumblebee of a few weeks ago?

Well she inspired a short story from me and I’m so happy to announce that my story “Queen Bee” has been accepted for inclusion in “Writers for Animals” – a book of animal themed stories to raise funds for animal rescue centres!

Charlie says: I stretch under the cold April sun!

And I don’t know if you all remember I asked that you wish me luck when I submitted the story in this post?

Well it worked! Thank you!! You guys and gals totally ROCK!!

Especially adorable Patsy and Madeleine who told me about this opportunity!

Happy Earth Day for the 22nd April! Thank you gorgeous Mother Earth for the inspiration!

See y’all soon!

Monday 9 April 2012

The Visitor

Bloggie friends!

Look who visited me and Charlie on Good Friday last week!

A very lost and pleasant pheasant!

Charlie says: Dinner time!

Not to worry – there’s a field behind the big house so off it went there!

Charlie and I continue to enjoy our Easter break, so we'll be back anon!

p.s. after 4 months and 12 days I finally finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Phew! LOL! All I can say is while the central story of the Vanger family was compelling, riveting and utterly devastating, chapters 1 and 28 on wards were a chore to read! And the novel was riddled with pov jumps I found totally distracting! Just my humble opinion!

Happy April Showers!

Monday 2 April 2012

A tiny love story published!

Bloggie friends!

Some nice writerly news for me!

My flash fiction story “It started with a kiss” is now published in an anthology called Time for Love, available only as an ebook, price £1.54!

Now we all know true love is priceless, but this is a bargain (details here)! LOL!

The book is a compilation of 18 long listed stories - out of 70 entrants - from a Valentine’s Day flash fiction competition! It was a real boost to my ego to receive a nice email from the editor (waves to Gail) informing me I’d made the cut! Yay!

Charlie says: There’s a moose loose in the hoose.

(Yes those are scratch marks on his face! He came home with them but he’s fine! The mouse is innocent!)

HAPPY EASTER!! See you all some time, Error 503 allowing!