Monday 30 September 2013

Living on the edge!

Bloggie pals! 

There's this place I really want to work for but it's one of those institutions where jobs are scarce to come by or they hardly advertise BUT after FIVE years of clicking on their website and vacancies page, FINALLY an opportunity arose. 

It is now midnight, Sunday. The deadline is Monday 12 noon. I've just emailed them my CV and cover letter...


Talk about living on the edge...

Gumtree says: I stay well away from any edge!

Wish me luck bloggie pals! Doubts are already setting in:

1) I am too old for the job.
2) There are probably a million and one applicants younger and more experienced than me.
3) I am too old for the job. LOL!

Not to worry bloggie pals - I may have doubts but I know to pull up my big girl pants, big myself up, jut my chin out and treat myself to a large cappuccino with extra sprinkle of chocolate!

Have a great week, y'all!

Monday 23 September 2013

An Equinox and a Dangled Carat

Charlie basks in the autumn Equinox
With its equal halves of day and night
Heralding the end of summer light
And beginning the hunt for his Christmas socks!
The above pic taken 22 September 2013.
And here is a very succinct explanation of an equinox!

Bloggie pals!! I shall be on a 2 day training course at work (Monday - Tuesday)  – so forgive me if I'm late visiting your blogs!

p.s. a big big SHOUT OUT to the unbelievably stunningly beautiful  (seriously - she's HOT!) Hilary Grossman and her published memoir, Dangled Carat, the story of how she  got her commitment-phobic man to put a ring on it! Yay!

Happy Autumn!

Monday 16 September 2013

A CassaStorm in a teacup

Bloggie pals!

It's cold outdoors!! Winds are howling, rain is pouring, trees are swaying and there be muddy pawprints where muddy pawprints should never appear! 

How else will Charlie and Gumtree  keep warm?

With the help of Cap'n Ninja and his transparent underpants! 
*sound of Old Kitty swooning and hitting the kitchen floor, hard*.

Cap'n Ninja aka Alex J Cavanaugh and the third book of his space epic (published 17th Sept) guarantees to whip up a heated frenzy!
Surely a great way to cuddle up and keep one's innards burning!

Cap'n Ninja says: yes and don't call me Shirley!

For more details of CassaStorm please go here (Amazon link) and here (trailer)
Win utterly fabulous Cassa goodies by visiting the gorgeous Cap'n's blog here.

Off Old Kitty goes to swoon on somewhere else nice and soft....

Have a great week y'all

Monday 9 September 2013

Telly addicts

There I was asking my lovely work colleague – who is in her 50’s – if she saw this programme on the telly the other night only for her to inform me that she’s not owned a television for 29 years.

Of course my next question was “But what do you do instead?”

To which she replied, “Other things”.

Gumtree says: I watch Charlie all the time!

Have a great week y’all and please step away from the Christmas stuff already out in the supermarkets! LOL! 

Monday 2 September 2013

Sizzling September Stationery!

Bloggie pals!

Didn't August just whizz along nicely? 

To ease us into September with its shorter days and longer nights, Christmas things in shops and imminent return to school/college/university, here's a really easy chance to win some stationery!

Now I've read the rules and nowhere does it state that you have to be of a certain age to enter! LOL!

Charlie says: I take the high road.

Gumtree says: I take two strings and a kong!

Have a fabulous start to the new month! And Happy Labor Day to all my American bloggie pals!