Monday 28 January 2013


Bloggie friends!

I shall be donating blood today for science or as these medical researchers put it for "epidemiological and laboratory research on a number of important human pathogens" Ahem!

So forgive me if I'll get behind blogging today as I don't think I'll be getting a biscuit and may need time to recover!

Anyway, here are Charlie and Gumtree enjoying the sunny weather yesterday! Suddenly all the snow we had for the week has disappeared!

Have a great week everyone! 

Monday 21 January 2013


Bloggie friends!!

I did one exciting thing last week! I went to see The Hobbit in glorious 3D and loved, loved, LOVED it!! 

I say ignore all the garbage about the technicalities of how it was filmed or what frame was used or the length of the film blah blah blah. 

I say go to the cinema where this is showing, put your most unflattering 3D glasses on, bring an extra cushion and just revel in the fantasy, magic and the cutest littlest hedgehog ever to act on screen! 

Better than Lord of the Rings? Ya betcha!

Charlie and Gumtree say: We are NOT impressed with today's blog post!

Have a great week everyone! 

Monday 14 January 2013

Potty project

Bloggie friends!!

I'm back!! And I can't wait to catch up with all your blogposts! 

Charlie says: Get thee away from me, Gummie boy!

Gumtree says: Okee-dokey!

Do you see all my pot plants? The crazy weather this past couple of months have near enough killed them all so my next big project of 2013 is to re-do them come Easter! And if I slacken I just know y'all give me a nudge, a wink and a virtual kick up the derriere to get a move on! :-)


Have a great week!