Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tweets for my tweets

Twitter is the way forwards says the world and his brother.

Everyone tweets.


So I jump in - dive in - head first. I can't swim.

Creating an account seems simple enough - eh voila! I'm there, I have a twitter account. Oh this is too simple.

And kind of complicated. I am offered to follow Barack Obama, Lenny Kravitz, Vampires, Lady Gaga and a few other accounts.

I think all my friends and family were emailed too.

I search desperately for Nicola Morgan's account. She will help me, she knows the ways of twittering. She's nice.

In the meantime I am trying to upload my pic.

Then disaster. Twitter suddenly freezes. My pc freezes. Abort, abort, abort.

Kitty, we have a problem.

Ctl. Alt. Delete.

The screen goes blank. Oh. No.

I have left my word docs open - a few lines of my masterpieces of poetry and a short story. I haven't saved them...

A few hours later, I wipe the last crumbs of my banana cake off my body.

I re-boot my pc. And I am back into my cosy world of blogs.

My tweeting days are over for now.


Jean said...

I keep wondering if I'm missing something with not tweeting but, especially after reading your posting, I think I'll leave it, at least for now. I could just imagine all that happening to me! I need to spend less time on the internet anyway and more time writing.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Jean

Thanks for visiting.

It was a silly thing to happen to me so I'm taking it as a hint that maybe it's not time yet!

I'm finding it really hard not being addicted to the internet but I do so agree with you - less internet surfing, more writing!

Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

I use Twitter. It's quite nice when friends tweet and I find the New Scientist fun to follow. I could live without it, though.

Old Kitty said...

hi fairyhedgehog

Well now I know you're there I'm feeling less scared of it now.

After I lick my wounds of deep shame at failing with twitter, I shall try again!

New Scientist as in the journal? Wow!


fairyhedgehog said...

Yes, New Scientist as in the journal. They tweet about their online articles and you can follow the link to read them.

I'm fairyhedgehog on Twitter, as I am almost everywhere.

Old Kitty said...


That's great to know. Thanks. I shall be braver next time!

Take care

Ann said...

I am on Twitter too! Don't have a clue what I am doing, but there you go!! When you do venture, look me up. We can try to figure it out together.