Sunday, 3 January 2010

The human and her nemesis - shoes

I turned 40 last year. This is my story so far

On my way to Argos, I walk past Clarke's shoe shop. They have a sale. A 50% off sale. I go straight to the size 5 shoe rack and there are the shoes that I had lusted after going for half price. They are patent burgundy with a solid 2 inch block heel. I want, I want! I try the display shoe on. I limp to the mirror and admire. It's half price. It's gorgeous. The shoe fits perfectly. I know they will kill my feet if I walk longer than 10 minutes while wearing them but I don't care.

The shop assistant hovers next to me, giggles when I miss the rack shelf as I replace the shoe.

I buy the duvet protector instead.

At home I stare at all my pairs of shoes.

All 110 of them.

My name is Old Kitty. And I am a shoe-holic.

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