Sunday, 17 January 2010

Donne and dusted

A Sonnet

Oh to be able to rhyme like John Donne
Or to decipher what feet are
When all I want to do is go to a bar
Drink beer and buy quorn chicken in a bun
Iambic pentameters aside
There’s lots of forms, I can’t decide
To rhyme, free form or just find a slide
In a nice park under the sun
Oh to be able to rhyme like John Donne

Another Sonnet

I am banished away from my pc
Cat has taken over my chair
Even if I know it is most unfair
I tiptoe away to watch some tv
I do have a laptop
So old it is crap
A second hand freebie that has given up
But do I complain, do I let her see?
How helpless I am away from my pc?


KarenG said...

ha ha, I like the second one especially!

Old Kitty said...

Hi KarenG

I'm typing this sitting very, very precariously on the edge of the chair!



Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I loved your sonnet and especially the name of your blog. Oh dear I'm sorry I may not have introduced myself. I'm from Nicola's party. I know I am on my 5th life and I do Ido I do believe in 2nd chances. Do visit me sometimes.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Debra Harris-Johnson

Thank you for popping by my blog and welcome!

And thank you for your kind comments too.

Take care

Anonymous said...

How'd you find using traditional forms vs free verse? Any preferences emerging?


Old Kitty said...

Hi kate m

thanks for saying hi!

Oh I definitely prefer the traditional form to free-write. I think the trad form made me choose my words and rhymes very, very carefully.

And the end result sounded like proper poetry to me!

You were so right!!!!

Take care


Kea said...

Ah, not being a writer or a poet, traditional or free form doesn't matter to me, if it strikes an emotional chord. So I particularly liked the second sonnet! :-)

Old Kitty said...

Hi Kea

Thanks for dropping by!

And the cat is still hogging the chair!


Take care