Thursday, 14 January 2010

Baking and waiting

Inspired by Lacer's blog I decide to get baking while waiting.

The phone has been silent so I need to make some noise.

I call this recipe:

The Borrowed Banana Cake Recipe from the Internet with Optional Bits n Pieces infused with Toblerone from Santa's Secret box of 2009 in 24-28 easy steps. Or WHISK! (copyright OldKitty)

1. Whisk! 125g (4 oz and a bit) of margarine with an equal amount of caster suger (perhaps a gram/oz or two more - depending how sweet you want it) in a bowl (of course).

2. Whisk! 1 - 2 minutes. The mixture should resemble creamy breadcrumbs

3. Add a tsp of vanilla

4. Whisk! 1 minute

5. Add 2-3 mashed up bananas (the riper the better) to the mixer.

6. Add 1 large free range - kind to hens and cockerels - egg.

7. Whisk! 1 minute

8. Stop whisking.

9. Measure 100 ml of milk (soya milk works just as well), stir a quarter tsp of bicarbonate of soda into the milk.

10. Add the milk mixture to the banana cake mixture

11. Whisk! 1 minute

12. Stop whisking.

13. Add 180g (6 and a bit ounces) of self raising flour - seived into the banana cake mix

14. Put the whisk away

15. Fold in the flour

Optional things to add to the mix. You may add one or two or none at all.

16. Find a half eaten pack of mixed dried fruit, seeds and nuts or any half eaten pack of dried fruit and/or a pack of nuts and/or a pack of seeds...

17. Add to the mix

18. Get the toblerone that you took from the secret santa box at work and thought you could never eat all at once.

19. Break the toblerone into their triangular bits and bash them with a rolling pin, anything, just get them into small pieces

20. Add to the mix

21. Stir everything up

Options end here.

22. The mixture should be quite liquidy - mud-like.

23. Pour the lot into a 2lb loaf tin (greased)

24. Bake at about 100 - 150C/ Gas 3-4 depending how hot your oven gets for 60-120 minutes.

25. Stick a fork in. It should come out clean. It's cooked

26. If it is browned and about to go a deeper brown - it's cooked

27. Best eaten when completely cold.

28. Bestest eaten a day or two after. Wrap in clingfilm, leave in a tub/tin.



Ann said...

I would give it a try, but I still have a quarter of Christmas cake to get through. And none of my pre Christmas clothes fit. Must finish cake and then take myself aside for a little chat!!! hope the baking eased the waiting.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Ann

Oh I hope you enjoy your cake!

I'm all for that. It's still christmas in some countries I think (the Balkans celebrate Christmas around now don't they?).

And I'm a lot happier as I've just visited my cat and she's a million times better.

Take care