Friday, 8 January 2010

The perfect cup of (costa) coffee = £2.55 (inc. VAT)

I love cappuccinos. I love a good cup of cappuccino. I love a good big cup of cappuccino made by someone else I pay.

I don't ask much of this world. I don't. I want the cat to live forever. I want to be able to compose this poetry for my homework = all 40 lines of it. I want to win at least one small competition for any of my short stories. I did win £50 once for a "flash" story piece - but the website where the competition was hosted has since disappeared...! I want my train service line to not shut down for eight weekends this month and the next, forcing me to take their special laid on buses to and from work adding an extra 4 hours total of journey time.

What makes a good cappuccino? Shots of strong just grounded good quality coffee and a further shot of milk so frothy and so light a hippo would float on it.

I know, I ought to just make my own. I know. But I don't have a cappuccino maker. We did have a really cheap one at work but I could never get the froth right. Or the coffee beans ground just so. That broke down soon after anyway.

I want a little treat. I want to be pampered a little. I work a full time job and have another part time one at the weekends. I'm living with a cat I saw born 17 years ago and who continues to cling with determined paws to her tenth life. I have fat calves. Shop people ask me for my ID when I buy alcohol.

I've tried Starbucks, Cafe Nero, the other one I can't remember and Costa. For a few weeks, there was this wonderful no-nonsense barista from this one Costa place I discovered who made cappuccino for the gods and goddesses. I would have gladly fought monsters and tamed dragons so she could be left in peace to take her time making my perfect cappuccino. Which she did every single time. Queues what queues?Then she disappeared. And so endeth my love affair.

Of course I stumble on really good cappuccino making baristas from Costa every so often. But stumbling upon these rarities are a lottery. Like the cat's progress, there are good days and bad days and terrible days. At least, I know I am not wasting my hard earned dosh on her.

Oh Costa, costa, costa: get thee behind me Costa!

p.s. just spoken to the vets. The cat's blood test results are better than expected - so onwards with the chemo sessions! Starting next Monday...! Hooray! Cat 1, Costa 0.


theresamilstein said...

My husband I and visited Paris a couple of years ago, and the people we stayed with had a Nespresso coffee maker. One of my fondest memories of that trip is jam on bread and a wonderful latte from that coffee maker each morning.

Two years later, we bough a refurbished one on ebay, and I've been enjoying lattes ever since.

Old Kitty said...

Nespresso coffee maker....

and ebay!

Musical words to my ear!

I shall certainly be seeking this one out.

Thanks and hello!