Saturday, 16 January 2010

A plumber with a big wrench

Intruder alert!

The Cat and I huddle in fear and trepidation while Tony the plumber stomps along in the loft, runs up and down staircases and gallops in and out of the house. All to fix the water tank.

The only safe place for the Cat is behind the door of my little office space. At first she stares up at me with big black eyes. Then she falls asleep.

It's my turn to find my own safe place. Or places.

And I find them here:

Ann's poem inspired by the everyday.

Kate's flash fiction story.

Catdownunder's father's wisdom.

fairyhedgehog's amazing Rufus and hammock!

EllenB's reflective piece.

KarenG's evil laugh. Much nicer than the plumber's stomp.

Joel Strickly's oh so true silliness.

SF's (and now mine!) wishlist.

Spinster of the Parish's knowing observation. No it's not a rant!

Welshcake's dog that she doesn't have!

My horror at discovering Lexi's real surname (you're forever Revellian to me!).

Constantly clicking Guy Saville's site so he'd get lots of hits and finally gets published! Come on Curtis Brown do yer job! :-)

And because I do love planting something and watching it grow to goodness knows what, I await with anticipation the progress in Kate's garden.

And because I do love baking I hope to see more yummy fudge and buttery goodies at Plain Jane (anything but!)'s and more yummy pastry experiments at Lacer's.

And the many, many, many, more blogs I continue to visit and the many, many more I hope to discover soon.

The Cat's and my equilibrium are now fully restored.

Oh and the overflow pipe no longer leaks. Thank you, Tony.

p.s. I did offer Tony a cup of tea but he didn't like the soya milk that went with it.

pps. And this was Tony's parting adieu: "I've never seen anyone with so many shoes."


KarenG said...

If only your cat could blog, maybe he (she?) could calm down, too. We had a feral cat that my son found in a field years ago, as a kitten, and she became his pet. "Simba." Oh, how we loved that cat, but she was still wild at heart and very persnickety. When we moved house, it was so traumatic for her she went and hid and we couldn't find her for a couple days. We were getting really worried. Finally, I got the idea to bring in the dog (Basset hound) to sniff her out. Sure enough, he found her hiding place. I'm sure she would have stayed there and starved to death otherwise. I still miss her, she was so full of anxiety, truly a kindred spirit to me lol!

Old Kitty said...

Hi KarenG

Aw, what a lovely story! And of course Simba was your kindred, spirit! Wild at heart and utterly fab!

And good for you basset hound for finding Simba.

The Cat is beyond extremely nervous to the point of embarassing me. She detests any stranger regardless of how nice they are.

Unfortunatley I don't help much. We're both extremely anti-social!


Take care

Lexi said...

Darn, I've been outed.

fairyhedgehog said...

We need to get people in to fix the gutter and the fridge, and I've got a washing machine repair man coming on Monday. Maybe I can check out some of those safe places then (and thanks for including mine!)

Old Kitty said...

Hi Lexi

Oh but what lovely jewellry!



Old Kitty said...

Hi fairyhedgehog

Oh goodness! Good luck with all those repairs and disruptions. There really is nothing worse than having people trudge everywhere in one's home. Well for me anyway.

And your blog - esp the pics of your cats - always cheer me up.

Take care

Plain Jane said...

Oh the pictures you paint. I am so happy I found your blog. What a ray of sunshine on an overcast Southern California day.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Plain Jane

California - overcast?

Never! :-)

thanks for dropping by.

Take care

Kea said...

Nice to meet you!

-Kim and the fur kids from Musings on a Small Life and Fuzzy Tales

Old Kitty said...

Hi Kea

I was just reading your memorial page to Chumley and I'm now awash with tears - The Greatest Gift just knocked me back for six. You really think you've gotten over something and then whoosh.

Oh dear!

Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting. I need to blow my nose now!


Take care

Welshcake said...

What a lovely post. Thanks for introducing me to a few more blogs to procrastinate with!

Just think. It's nearly spring. A new season's shoes...

Amanda said...

Great blog - thanks for visiting mine :-)

Old Kitty said...

Hi Welshcake

Please let the thaw begin. I love my Uggs but fed up with them already!

My feet need to breathe and look pretty once more.


Take care


Old Kitty said...

Hi Amanda

Thanks for dropping by. I must make a link to the cafepress as it's such an amazing place - shopping+online+perfect gifts = happy Kitty!

Take care

Ann said...

I have been out of the loop for a few days. Sneezing, coughing and hugging my hot water bottle. Thanks for the mention. I really enjoyed this post and meandering around the other blogs you mentioned. Hope you are both recovered from the plumber trauma.
The good thing about the whole ordeal is of course, the very fact you could get a plumber. Wonders will never cease.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Ann

Awww you poor thing!!

I hope you get better soon and keep that hot water bottle handy!

Me and the cat are sending you lots and lots and lots of healthy vibes

Take care