Monday, 4 January 2010

A pair of fatted calves

The cat has a preliminary check up with her vet before her next chemo session on Wednesday.

The appointment is for 9.30 am.

At 9.25 I'm struggling with the zip of my precious pair of Ugg boots. The only pair I will ever own or could ever afford. A pair of authentic Snowpeak waterproof Ugg boots, bought in the bargain shop of Schuh at ebay last summer, bidding starting at 90p. Yes NINETY PENCE. Went all the way to £39.99. For a pair of ex-display, slighty scuffed left boot pair. Did I say they were genuine UGG boots?

Today is the first day I took them out of their box, cut the label and tried them on.

The joy of my feet slipping in nicely makes up for the nervousness I am feeling for my cat. Ah lovely and warm and cosey and woolly - thank you, Aussie sheep!!! Thank you Schuh shop! Thank you ebay! Then I am instantly reminded once more. I know I do not have the slimmest of calves. I know I do have to wear boots that are "wide fit". I know, I know. I know.

Luckily, the veterinary surgery is opposite from where I live. A two minute walk. Luckily, I arrive just in time. The cat is thoroughly unimpressed of course, but the vet is cautiously optimistic. The cat has maintained her weight, looks brighter and may just be ok for another chemo session. We all hope so.

Another cautionary note: The Ugg boots are a size 5.5 - they are a very snug fit and I'm a normal size 5. I just have fat calves, but the zip went up and stayed up. So there.

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