Monday, 11 January 2010

The Big Red Book

I'm currently immersed in some quite fun activities as set out by the Big Red Book (the Open Uni Creative writing course book)on my merry way to composing a proper poem of 40 lines.

Activity 1: "For a period of not less than 24 hours..write things down whenever they occur to you with one proviso. Only write down images"

Here is my list so far:

Used tissue like crumpled cloud
Opened course book like a neatly cut open wound
Measuring tape coiled like a sleeping numbered snake
Pen like a sleek poison dart
A tower of books like blocks of colourful concrete
A dog barking in the neighbour’s garden like a bored child on speed
Paper strewn on the floor like scattered leaves blown by the wind
Grooves in the wooden desk like waves of sand in a desert
Monitor like a rectangular ice rink

Activity 2: "Select an ordinary householed object...(attempt)to produce as many images as possible for it.. using all four senses"

I chose my computer duster:

It looks like an explosion of yellow thread
It looks like yellow cotton candy
It looks like a pom-pom
It looks like a shaggy wig
It looks like an eighties haircut
It looks like unkempt hair
It looks like a yellow cousin It from the Addams Family

It feels rough
It feels like straw
It feels like dog hair
It feels like sticky grit

When touched it crinkles
When touched it makes a sound like one treading on fine glass
When touched it feels like tickling a donkey's hide

It smells like rice!


And I did attempt a haiku last year. I apologise to all haiku lovers everywhere!

The Break up

My glass is empty
I want more beer, but you speak
Telling me we’re through.

Now the vet has rang me and I must pick the cat up. I tried reading out the above to the cat last night and she was less than impressed. I think she knows I've given her food to the fox.

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