Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday's String theory

Being the worst day on this planet for me, I thought I’d look towards brighter and better things.

Yesterday I dashed off a 942-word story to send to the 100 Stories for Haiti (thanks to womagwriter and fairyhedgehog blogs for this info) project. The idea is to create an anthology of 100 chosen stories from submissions with all proceeds to go the Red Cross.

The deadline being today, I was up burning the after midnight oil near enough cross-eyed and trying to prop my head from drooping.

It was very hard trying to think up a story full of hope and joy at that time! I know there will be other better stories than mine but it gave me a sense of purpose for a few hours.

Then there’s the Cat.

For the first time in a long, long time, she actually played with The String. It was all of five seconds but she definitely followed The String as I dangled it in front of her. Better still, she pounced!


I didn’t think she’d go for it but she was definitely showing an interest in her catnip toys so I thought I’d try to entice her with her one and only favourite toy.

And I’m so glad I did.

So all in all today’s Monday’s not starting off too badly.

But it’s still the worst day on this planet for me.


Kea said...

I'm sorry today's the worst day for you, am sending you healing universal Light and wishing you spiritual, non-religious Blessings and Peace. (LOL, but I am just the same!)

So glad the Cat showed interest in her favourite toy, the string. Chum was a string guy, actually. Nicki's more of a stick man and Derry's a laser light kind of guy. :-)

Whatever the day brings, whatever memories or unhealed hurts, remember that "this too shall pass." And also remember that "The darkest day lived till tomorrow will have passed away."


fairyhedgehog said...

Hi Kitty,

I'm sorry it's the worst day on this planet for you. Sending you hugs. You can email me if you like: or my main email address is in my blog sidebar.

KarenG said...

Hooray for you entering that contest! Who cares if you win? What counts is finishing a project and committing it to review--scary scary stuff! Enjoy your day and take a nap!

Theresa Milstein said...

It's brave just to submit something, whether or not it gets chosen. Too many writers never send anything out.

I'm glad about your cat. I hope she progresses even more.

The day will soon be over. I think it's five hours later for you than it is for me, so don't spend your day traveling in this direction or your day will be even longer.

Everycat said...

Old Kitty, thank you for your kind words to us on the loss of our darling Angel. We miss her a lot.

Best of luck with the contest!

A very wise cat person said that old cats do not stop playing because they are old, they stop playing because we stop playing with them. Now we know Old Kitty has some other reasons for not playing, but we are all very pleased she enjoyed her little string game. May there be many more and many more...


Old Kitty said...

Hi Kim

Aw, thank you, thank you!

And your fur family are just lovely. Big AWWWWW! to them too.

Yay, Monday is nearly over so I'm a lot happier!

Thanks for my lovely hugs! I did/do need them!

Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi fairyhedgehog

Thanks for my hugs!

And thanks for the invite - I might just do that!

Thanks again


Old Kitty said...

hi KarenG

I'm taking a nap here at work! LOL!

but seriously - thanks for your you kind thoughts!

Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi Theresa

I thoroughly agree! always think positive!


Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi Everycat

Thanks so much for your lovely words!

They are very wise indeed! And yes may there be more string games to come!

take care


Ann said...

Well done on entering the contest. You deserve a prize for writing, getting it done and submitting it. Delighted to hear the Cat is showing interest in playing. A wonderful sign. Monday is nearly over and you have survived. Well done you again!!!

Old Kitty said...

Hi Ann!

Hooray Monday is so so over!