Monday, 18 January 2010

Flash, ahaaa!

I saw this rather grand and intriguing concept on Simon Kewin's site. The idea is that he write a flash story of 100 word in two years - one word a week.

Of course I was hooked!

So off I go clicking on the story.

He has written 19 words so far.

One word per blog entry.

And what do I do?

I read from the top.

I read the last word from the top and then scroll down.

And I don't stop reading until I scroll right down.

I have effectively read his story backwards.


Only then did I go....



In the meantime, the cat is very slowly finding her mojo. Tonight she has allowed me two inches of seat.


KarenG said...

I don't get flash fiction at all, but I had to come over here and tell you how much I LOVED your comment on my recent blog post. You are truly an amazing person. I am so glad I "met" you! (Say hello to the cat for me)

fairyhedgehog said...

You're so kind to your cat! I'm glad she's feeling better.

Old Kitty said...

Hi KarenG

Awwww thank you! I had so many to add to my list but I was falling asleep it was so late in the evening.


When I first encountered flash fiction writing, I thought, eh?? a story in like 50 words, are people crazy??!!

But it suits my very short attention span.


Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi fairyhedgehog

Awww the cat is doing so, so, so well!! She's really trying very hard to get better.

Fingers, toes and paws crossed.


Take care


theresamilstein said...

Was the story better backwards or forwards (Or, up or down)?

I've never heard of flash fiction. I edit so much that my flash fiction would be a mess. Having that kind of time to contemplate each word wouldn't help me. Normally, I write furiously, and then go back to tidy my mess.

Simon Kewin said...

Hi Folks,

Thought I'd drop by and say hi. I'm the writer of the piece of flash fiction concerned. I'm glad you think it's grand and intriguing Old Kitty! Thanks for mentioning me.

Old Kitty said...

hi theresamilstein

It was too weird back to front and upside down! But I persisted because I thought, well this is weird sci-fi so maybe it's being deliberately obscure...

LOL! I just couldn't beleive I read it all the way to the beginning without realising!

Yes, flash fiction - you really have to choose each word very carefully - so it could certainly be very restrictive.

I'm addicted to the thing, though.


Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi Simon Kewin

Thanks for popping in to say hi!

I can't wait (2 years!) to see the whole story.

And it is grand and I'm definitely intrigued, esp now that I know to read it the right way up.


Take care