Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Quick, quick, snow

Ok. Normally this is what happens. I bring the cat to the vets at the ungodly time of 8.30 am. I stay home by the telephone and wait for the vets to ring me with updates. At about 4 pm I am told the cat is ready to be discharged. I spend at least 20 minutes with the vet talking about the cat's progress and prognosis.

Today, things are not normal.

First, it is snowing - (but it's winter so of course it should snow!) Swirls of snowflakes pour down from the heavens. And it settles and it's lovely!

Second, the nurse at the vets ring to say that the cat is ready to be picked up. It is only 10.30am.

Third, I am given my cat - literally. The nurse takes my empty cage away and returns with the cat in her cage. Nurse then opens the front door for me and says "bye!". No 20 minutes with the vet to talk about the cat? Apparently the vet will ring me instead.

Meanwhile the cat has made a beeline for her water bowl and her plate of cooked chicken from whence I hide her medication. She's not silly though. She eats the pink tablet because she likes that one. She's a girly cat, of course she likes pink! She shakes off the white tablet that I not so cleverly hid in another bit of meat before wolfing that down. She's not silly. She's got brains and likes pink.

She sits up and cleans the paws where the needles have been inserted. Then she starts to clean the places only cats can reach and humans only wish they could.

At least that's normal.

p.s. I've just spoken to the vet. Things are not looking too well, but I don't think the cat cares very much for that diagnosis. She just wants to sleep.

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