Saturday, 17 April 2010

Voting with your belly

So we in the UK are about to have a general election in May.

Of course there are lots of political campaigning, even a first political leaders' debate on tv, my polling card has arrive and all the newspapers, tv, radio and online news pages are doing their back to back coverage as you would expect in the run up to a general election.

I am saying all this to "set the scene" for my next plot point (I am trying to be all writer-ly!LOL!) as it would explain these rather fab freebies I got over the week.

They were handing them out at my train station.

The book was a freebie given with a freebie paper. I only added that cos I gave my blue Conservative crisps to someone at work!

I thought that was pretty fun - salt and vinegar crisps in red (Labour), yellow (Liberal Democrats) and the blue one would have been the Conservatives.

Whatever next??! (Fair, humane and green policies!!).


Anyway- lots going on with all my bloggie friends so please do visit, join, add, read, etc. at your leisure only if you so wish of course!

Theresa Milstein of A Substitute Teacher's Saga has uploaded a rather fab intro to her novel, The Disappearances at MissSnarkfirstvictim monthly contest. The first line of her story is one of the strongest I've read so far!

Talli Roland has submitted her novel: The Hating Game and the blurb reads like my kind of book! Fingers crossed it will be published soon!

Lots of competitions and giveaways for followers in Roxy's A woman's write, Susan Field, and KarenG's book giveaway to welcome new blogger Ann Best.

As an aside: Amazon have agreed to refund me my monies for KarenG's Farm Girl which means I can now buy elsewhere! Yay!

Amy and the House of Cats had a massively successful commentathon yesterday - donations to her local no-kill animal shelter so YAY to her.

Marg of Marg's pets is fundraising for Pets without parents.

Abby at ManxMNews is campaigning for

Brian is looking for homes for two gorgeous ginger tabbies Cheech and Chong, their story here - please help if you can, they are gorgeous kitties and they need a forever home!

Jan's Funny Farm is holding a rather sweet contest to highlight the importance of pets particularly for children.

And as for me, I am going to join Charlie and go to bed!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Beth said...

That's pretty cool! I'm not a fan of crisps or chips in general but I'd probably grab a free packet to bring home to the family. They DO like chips! :)

I have become quite a fan of Theresa myself. Quite the talent lurking there!

Very sweet of you to plug so many of your fellow bloggers!

Sorry my blog gives you trouble. I've had a couple of people tell me that but most don't seem to have an issue. Not sure how to fix it short of going text only which sounds terribly boring! Thanks for persevering and leaving a comment.

Hug Charlie for me. I keep telling hubby I need another cat and he keeps saying no. We do have 2 dogs and I can't say I miss cleaning the litter box!

Katnip Lounge said...

Charlie looks like the snuggliest boy! Give his tumtum a raspberry for me...

xx Kat Lounge Mommy

SF said...

What a funny idea! Although I think a photo of a politician on my packet of chips/crisps might spoil my appetite a little!

I hope the manufacturers aren't suggesting that the results of the election will be 'hand-cooked', ha ha.

Ann said...

Have a wonderful Saturday you generous blogger you!

Delighted to hear you have sorted out Amazon!

roxy said...

Those cats look very well loved! Hello there, Old Kitty. I have a small gift for you for all the support you've given me. Can I get your address and mail it to you? You can reach me Thanks!

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm glad Amazon is giving you your money back. About time too!

(Word verification is gissem)

Kea said...

Your political parties give away bags of potato chips? How...odd. We get leaflet propaganda. Chips? No, no, how about chocolate? Best chocolate gets my vote. (Not really, but I'd enjoy the taste-test.)

I'm glad you'll be able to get Karen's book. Amazon is pretty good, IMO, so I would have assumed from the outset that they'd refund you if they couldn't obtain the book. But here, with, we're not charged until the items ship. A time or two I've waited months for a book I wanted, but never incurred any cost till it was on its way to me. Is it different, then, in the UK? Whatever, it's all good! :-)

P.S. Charlie has the right idea! Have a great weekend!

Joanne Fox said...

Free crisps? I must inform local candidates for all parties! Bring on the crisps.

Wish I could take in those ginger kitties. I used to have a ginger cat when I was a child. Sadly I think it would be claws at dawn with the doggie! x

Brian said...

Thanks for mentioning Cheech & Chong, they are sweeties! Speaking of sweeties...hello Charlie!!! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

laughingwolf said...

crisps, we call chips

chips, are fries [except in fish and]

so ok, where is this 'flash' tale of yours?

Jacqueline said...

It's very kind of you to post about other blogs and their charitable posts...Charlie is so adorable and handsome; our Mommy wants to cuddle that sweet, precious boy!!...We hope you guys have a happy weekend together...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Talli Roland said...

Thanks so much for the link love, Old Kitty! Yay for you - thank you for your support and your wonderful comments. Oh, before I forget, I have a book to send you as your prize so when you get a chance, can you drop me your postal address: tallirolland AT Cheers!

Those election crisps are a great idea! Did they have an 'undecided voter' flavour? :)

Have a lovely Saturday!

hampshireflyer said...

I used to live near a wonderful novelty baker that did gingerbread men for the elections - and the FA Cup!

Esme said...

This is hysterical-I hate to think if that happened here.

KarenMcG said...

Now that's a pretty good sprawl you've got goin on there, Charlie! You look mighty soft, too.

Theresa Milstein said...

I offered another blogger in the UK (Marsha Moore) the option of taking our Tea Party if you're not happy with your choices. She wouldn't take me up on the offer, so it's still open to you.

Election chips - love that. Salty political participation.

I see Beth's comment. Thanks, Beth! And thanks for another blog mention, Old Kitty.

This is one of the best pictures of Charlie. I just showed my sister some pictures of him, and she agrees with me that he has the most awesome tail EVER.

I'm sorry my comments have been late. My sister just got a new computer and hasn't purchased the wireless internet to go with it yet. So all I can get is "Resurrection" from the church across the street, but Blogger is blocked. Most of the time, I couldn't even get on my own blog! But once in awhile, I've gotten on linksys, which doesn't have a block. Yay!