Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Of Mice and (Wo)men

Beautiful bloggie friends, I was quite stressed today!

Why? It all started when two of my female work colleagues (I’ll call them M & J) and I rescued a mouse.

Ok so the mouse came running out of nowhere in our open plan office and hid itself just behind some shelving and just squealed for its life.

There then followed an hour of me on my hands and knees making coaxing noises, M manfully moving the shelving out of the way, J behind me with a box.

This wasn’t the stressful part. It was lovely to be able to trap the mouse and release it in the park nearby. It was what happened after that disheartened me.

A little bit of background, first. M&J are very close cliquey friends. I stay out of their way and although I get on with them, it's only as far as work goes.

However when our office started to fill up, all J could do was relate how M was such a hero, how she cornered the mouse and single-handedly trapped it. How M should be lauded and given a medal for all she did to rescue the mouse.

Now I am all for being at one with my sisters but when they stress me like this it’s all I can do to burn my bra!

But I didn’t. Instead I did some gentle yogic exercises when I returned home. I am now at one with the world.

I have also discovered that cats may do yoga too:

Charlie says: I stretch without the OM!

Have a Tuesday filled with sisterly, brotherly and all sorts of creatures and plant life lurve!


Kea said...

Good for you for saving the mouse! Boo to your co-workers for taking all the credit (for M). But really, some things (like that) aren't worth the hassle.

Frankly, I dislike working in a predominantly female environment because women can be two-faced, back-stabbing b****es. I'm lucky in our office--3 males, 3 females, and none of us is two-faced, back-stabbing, or a b***h. Except sometimes b***hy during PMS week. Ha!

LOL @ the cat yoga. Are you sure the chant shouldn't be NOM....NOM? :-D

Charlie already has his yoga stretches down to purrfection!

iasa said...

just don't make charlie do downward facing dog, that would be too much.

Ann said...

Well all I can say is it takes all kinds. And some of those kinds are not very nice!!!!

Charlie is totally correct. There is no need for an OM for cat yoga. Smart Charlie!

Have a glass of wine.

KarenG said...

I would have been screaming on a chair instead of catching the mouse. And M and J sound like rats.

Brian said...

I hope you and Charlie have a wonderful Tuesday and YAY for the mouse rescue. I rolled off the couch once and hurt my butt, no more yoga for me!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I'm glad you guys did a catch and release program with the mouse. :) Sorry the incident caused you stress.

Theresa Milstein said...

People are unreliable witnesses. Police are always saying that. Clearly, they were blinded by their affection for one another.

The mouse knows what you did, and the mouse's opinion is the only one that counts.

You're a hero to me too. Hope you and Charlie had a good yoga session.

Kat_RN said...

Charlie is a very wise cat. My favorite form of meditation is petting the cat. Maybe you should have taken Charlie to work and let him go after the mouse.

Katnip Lounge said...

argh! how frustrating! This is why i prefer cats for friends and working with men to women. There, I said it! Scratch that kitty tummy for me! What a relaxed boy.
xx Kat Mommy

Amy and The House of Cats said...

That kind of stuff makes me crazy. My job is a bit like that too, though it is a woman and a man who are the close ones. The problem I have is that it is a small office, and they are the two main people who are there. So I can understand why you would be frustrated!

I think you were smart just to ignore it and do some calming yoga - Charlie is very good at it too, from the way it seems!

Jacqueline said...

So good of you to rescue the mouse!...M/J sound like bores; don't let those bitchy women bother you!...Yoga is so good for you; it really helps stress and exercise always helps our Mommy to sleep better too!...Love Charlie's yoga pose!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

elizabeth mueller said...

Hello Old Kitty.

You are such a lovely person. I'm so sorry that you were totally left aside from the praises when you showed gently humanity.

I am often taken for granted, even in my very circle of friends. I am always left for wanting of a good friend who makes me feel cherished (Family not counting).

((Hugs)) I wish you and I lived closer, I'd take you out for yogurt and yoga at the park!!

PS--I LOVE the cat yoga clip. It's so cute!!

Bossy Betty said...

You were a hero! We all know it.

I have ended up like Charlie more than once!!

michico*Adan said...

You stretch prefectly well!!

Donna Hosie said...

Now I am all for being at one with my sisters but when they stress me like this it’s all I can do to burn my bra!


Brigid said...

Well Kitty, we all now know the true story, what is it about females and that 'mean girls' attitude. Good for you and your calm handling of it.

fairyhedgehog said...

You can do Yoga with Cats too! (Not a video but very funny all the same.)

I'm sorry your colleagues were so insensitive and excluding. They're probably jealous of you for being such a nice person.

Anonymous said...

Im glad the mouse was released how lovely. Dont worry about silly women :o) Pussycats are better :o))))

Barbara Scully said...

The mouse knows who the rescuer was... nothing else matters! (am presuming your colleagues don't know you blog????)

Cat yoga? Too much life effort for any of my lazy moggies!

Marg said...

Good job saving the little mouse. Women are horrible to work with and I am a woman too but I can't stand to work with them. Just ignore them which I know is hard but it isn't worth your time.
That video of the cat Yoga is hysterical. Loved when the cat licked his paw.
Charlie is looking good doing his Yoga. Well done.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Glad to hear you saved the mouse - the other two 'helpers' sound like creeps.
Is Charlie considering teaching kitty yoga - if so I'll enrol!!

Cindy said...

How could they take all the credit that belonged to you?? That wasn't right. Great yoga moves.

Talli Roland said...

Big blah to M&J!

May their wine forever be tained with cork mould and their chocolate crumbly and stale.

You are obviously so much better!

Lola Sharp said...

Those fame whores! ;o)

Honestly, who cares...let them have their 'glory', you know that you helped.

I love that you saved the wee mouse. WE know YOU helped save it.

Esme said...

Unfortunately us women can be like that sometimes. You never know what to expect. Good for you-you are much braver than I would ever be.

PS the bill is for the new bike-should I send it to Denise or Hachette-inspiring me to go out and splurge like that on two bikes. I actually have needed a new mtb for a couple of years and started wanting a road bike recently-It was just a bike

tekorin said...

The god of MICE had been looking at you all and knows exactly what's happened there.
Happiness will come to YOU! not to J&M.
You can be sure about it!

What a funny Yoga video,it is!!

laughingwolf said...

i'da told em i re-caught the mouse and put it in the stew pot... just to watch their faces :O lol

Anonymous said...

I say take Charlie into work next time it happens and let him do his worst... that would have to shut them up!

Sorry you had to deal with that. Aargh!

Guinevere said...

Good job on rescuing the mouse! I worked in an all-male environment that was mouse-infested. I didn't have to deal with any backstabby nasty female dynamics, but none of them would have helped me rescue a mouse, either. Everyone used to laugh at me as I carried my rescued mice outside the office and released them back into the wild. (There was also some speculation that it was the same mouse, over and over again).

I'm with Theresa... only the mouse's opinion counts!

Milton said...

Auntie Kitty - you just had to call me and I'd have come and gotten the mouse for you! Luv that cat yoga video :). Not sure I have the patience to try it myself though. I can't sit still long enough. Too many birds to pounce on.
As for M & J. Hmm. Not nice. And not worth bothering about either. You better than they are.

Milt x

Stephanie Cheryl said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for always being so encouraging, happy, and kind.

It really means a lot to me.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Kitty--You won my contest! Send me an email with your address and I'll post you your signed American Girl book. (Both winners came from England. Isn't that funny!)

Cheri said...

You did the better thing by not making a deal of it and doing the yoga at home. Stewing over things only hurts the stewer! Charlie has the right idea...chill!

ABBY said...

Good for Mr. Mouse.
Bad on the co-worker....

I am so glad I'm a cat


notesfromnadir said...

The most important part of this story is that the mouse was rescued and set free. Who takes the credit for it is irrelevant. The mouse knows who to thank!

I loved that kitty yoga video. The cat was willing to put up w/ it for a few seconds and then it was like, enough already. Still, the cat is a good student! :)