Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Great Expectations

I have a very expressive face.

It is my downfall.

I am unable to mask what I feel and it is only with the onset of age and experience that I’m able to smile when I want to cry, look interested when I’m not and keep a straight face when I want to laugh out loud.

Handy when you have to deal with all sorts of customers all day!

But it's a life skill that I completely forgot when my lovely next door neighbour offered Charlie her cat’s old litter tray.

The look on my face must have been such that she quickly added “but he (her beloved Sebastian having long gone over the bridge) used to use it as a bed too”.

So of course I took the dusty thing in.

But my house is tiny and already bursting at the seams with Charlie things. Did I really need another cat litter tray when Charlie has two already? It meant so much to my neighbour that Charlie have this tray. She loves Charlie - buys him treats, calls him her friend..

The silly thing is look what happened immediately after. I swear he got in all by himself.

So there you have it. I’m sure there is a moral to this story. Yes, ok - "stop being so ungrateful, Old Kitty"! LOL!

All I know is I’m going to need to move stuff to make room.

And before anyone says anything - my shoes are staying right where they are!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

hahaha gorgeous!!! Go and declutter!! hehe

Katnip Lounge said...

Ha! Mommy feels your pain. We have approximately 20 beds, etc around the cat trees, boxes, beds...
Of course there ARE 12 of us.

xx Lounge Kats

Theresa Milstein said...

I was going to say the shoes, but only jokingly!

It's good that you got better at hiding your faces, working in customer service! At least when I worked at the car insurance company, it was all phones, so I could roll my eyes all I wanted.

If I'd been given what I thought was a used for you-know-what litter box, I'd make a face too. Good luck finding a good place for it!

Anonymous said...

I understand about making room for things...Charlie seems to like it so maybe one of the other pans can go? It was sweet of your neighbor to offer it.

TK said...

Heh. See the neighbor is Charlie's friend too!
That is very cute. I hope you find a nice place for his new bed.
Have a good evening!
TK's mom

lupie said...

Charlie is taking over!!! :)

I too have a very expressive face, I have this tendency of blushing or flushing when I am having conversation with good-looking man! I can't help it!
I know it makes me look like a cat in heat!!!

Happy Happy Wednesday!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Ok I understand that it is a little weird (I would have had the same reaction) but honestly if you really think about it, it is very sweet. She lost her kitty but still had his box, so it obviously meant a lot to her and that means Charlie means a lot to her too. And he must know something to have gone in it so quickly, which makes it seem even more sweet. And believe me, I understand about having too much stuff. But yeah, I think this is one you should keep. Seriously the more I thought about it, it brought a tear to my eye that she would do that.

Lola Sharp said...

Oh the shoes are always priority!

(cute pix)

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I know she meant well but gifting a used kitty litter box is just too much. Thank goodness Charlie isn't so picky.

fairyhedgehog said...

I've always struggled with this too, Kitty. It's hard when people want to give you things that you really don't want. It seem Charlie has other ideas anyway!

I'm impressed with how tidy your shoes are. Nothing in my house is that tidy!

Joanne Fox said...

How funny. Charlie clearly does not share your distaste of second hand litter trays.

I can kind of understand your neighbour's reluctance to throw it out though. I have all sorts of stuff that has belonged to my dogs. I'm just attached to the frisbee that one found on the beach and a Christmas toy that belonged to another.

Kea said...

Hmmm...She did mean well, would seem to have a good heart. But now you are stuck with this. LOL. Do you have a porch or basement you can tuck it away in? Some out-of-the-way nook or cranny? Maybe it can be used to store something.

Now, if you want help decluttering, just let me know. I LOVE to get rid of stuff! :-)

KarenG said...

The picture is cute with Charlie in it, maybe he is feeling the love? At least it's a clean litter box... And I've got one of those expressive faces too which is my downfall, since when I'm tired or thinking (pretty much all the time) I scowl.

Talli Roland said...

Aw, go Charlie! He knew the old litter try had to be adopted!

Can I just say again that I totally love your Charlie photos. I almost feel like I have a cat again! :)

Ann said...

The face thing is a curse I live with also. Parents always knew exactly what I was thinking. Take that face off you, was a frequent demand. Hey!Ho!

Charlie seems to have taken to the new litter box, but remove the shoes...sacrilege!

Brian said...

Charlie no doubt recognized the sentiment right away and was please to make it his own!

Beth said...

I have one of those faces too! Bless your sweet heart for taking it and making room for it!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

It does look like a sturdy well made litter pan, and I'm sure your neighbor meant well. Maybe you can pass it, or one of Charlie's other pans, off to a shelter or cat rescue group for them to use?

I admit I looked at all your shoes to see which ones I liked

ABBY said...

That was very nice of your neighbor to be thoughtful. Although we do understand your feelings. WE have more than enough "junk" lying about and we are trying to declutter.

Hi Charlie -- we are glad you like your new litterbox!


Guinevere said...

Aww, Charlie is so cute! I just wandered across your blog and had to join... I'm a sucker for all things cat-related. I have the rare cat post on my blog myself, about my adopted, rambunctious old cat Buffy and her two foster kitten brothers (borrowed from the SPCA until they find their forever home).