Friday, 12 March 2010


I'm writing this because I don't know what else to do.

As the night has worn on, my cat's been fitting - tiny small fits - enough to make her back legs buckle. Her heart palpitates and near enough jumps out of her chest.

She was so herself at first when I came home from work - she ate and yowled and walked around abit. Then as the evening went on, suddenly she started having these, tiny, tiny, tiny fits.

I didn't notice it at first - only when I found her curled up near her water bowl, shaking.

Tomorrow, first thing, I'll take her to the vets as an emergency.

She's now sprawled on the hallway - doesn't want to be touched - her whole body is very tense and rigid. Her breathing is much too fast.

It's 11.10 pm.

I don't know what to do between now and tomorrow. It all hurts.


Don's Girl said...

My friend, what you do with The Cat, is pick her up, ever so gently. Hold her. Love her. Talk to her-tis the time may be short. Let her rest on your chest so she hears your heart as it beats with hers. The Cat, your sweet girl, waited for you to come home. Love her.

My prayers and my cats' purrs to you.


Psalms 50;15

Wendy aka Quillfeather. said...

Dear god! Perhaps your cat has eaten poison?

Can you get her to the vet tonight?

Keep us posted.

Welshcake said...

Oh, I'm so sorry.

All you can do between now and tomorrow is love her and cuddle her.

Remember she's had many years with someone who loved her - a good life by any measure. A better life then lots of cats, even lots of humans get.

It's heartbreaking, I know. I've been there. But this is the very last thing you can do for her now. Be strong.

I'm thinking of you both.



Welshcake said...

Should have added - I hope this isn't quite the end and she'll rally before tomorrow.

KarenG said...

Oh that is so sad. Your poor cat, and poor Old Kitty.

Jacqueline said...

I am so very sorry for this heartbreak; you will do what you must to insure she is no longer in pain and then the pain will be all yours to bear...The greatest love is when we do what is best for the other without regard to our own suffering and that is what you are being called to do; I really believe love is an energy that never dies and I know your love for each other is eternal...I am so, so sorry and will pray for you both.

stacy said...

Do you know of any emergency vets?

I'm no vet, but it sounds like epilepsy. Stay well - thinking of you!!!

hampshireflyer said...


I hope you manage to get some rest tonight, at least...

Susan Fields said...

I'm so sorry, Old Kitty! I wish I knew what comforting words to tell you, but it's going to hurt no matter what I say. She's a tough old girl who's been blessed with an awesome human. I'm sending you both good thoughts and hugs!

Niki said...

Oh Kitty I'm so sorry. Just be with her :o(

TK said...

Oh honey, we are soo very sad for you. You must be beside yourself.
We purraying fur you and Cat.

Plain Jane said...

Oh Kitty, I am so so sorry. I wish I was near enough to give you a hug. My heart hurts for you.

Ann said...

Hang in there. I know it is hard, but it really all you can do. I know your heart is breaking at the thought of losing your Cat. You are in my thoughts. Take care. A xx

Niki said...

Hi Kitty, I keep thinking about you. I tried to tell H.G about Cat but ended in tears. I hope you're coping :o(((

SF said...

Hi Old Kitty,
Sorry your cat isn't doing too well.
Hope you're not still up worrying about her, and hope when you wake up she's fine.

Theresa Milstein said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry. And so late at night. I'm thinking of you and your cat. I'm glad as I'm reading this that it's near morning. Please let us know as soon as you're able.

Big hugs sent your way.

Kea said...

Oh, my heart is in my mouth reading this. It's 5:23 EST, I don't know how many hours you are ahead, somewhere between 5 and 7, I think. So I don't know if your beloved Cat has passed or what's happening. Just please, please know I'm sending tons of Universal Light -- going to to light a candle for you both.

Love Meow said...

Even though I only know you through your blog, I feel like I know you for ages. Our cats connected us together. When I learned that your cat was battling with her illness, it pained me because I remember how difficult it was when I saw my first cat struggling. Now the Cat has left us for a better place. It hurts me too and I want to cry. It is as if seeing my Snowman leaving me all over again. That day I did not want to go home to face the truth. But later I learned that he is no longer in pain. He is my angel, watching over me. Till now I can still feel his presence.

Take care my friend.