Thursday, 11 March 2010

Close to my heart

Here you will find precious jewels close to my heart: the Cat, shoes, reading and a comfy bed.
I took this pic using a disposble camera two weeks ago so forgive the quality. If I could just explain :

1) I hope you understand why I saw a spark or two left in my tough ol girl. She always looks grumpy but here in this pic you can see that she's gained a little weight since January and doesn't she look ok to you? No outward sign of the Big L... and yet...

2) I love shoes! I wish I had a pair like these.

3) I must have a comfy bed to snore on!

4) The book. Reading is something I would never tire of. Reading blogs, newspapers, magz, books, lots and lots of books. This particular book came to me via a blog scheme where it's passed on to anyone - anyone in the world with a blog - willing to read, review, post a pic of it and then pass it on. This was forwarded to me by the wonderful Stacy of Stacy's Cafe.

So if any of you are interested in reading and reviewing and posting a pic of it on your blog, please let me know.

Here is my review of it:

Ars Memoriae by Beth Bernobich:
This is a fast-paced, adrenalin rush of a read, action packed sci-fi story that uses its novella status to get straight into the drama without pausing for breath.

Trouble is brewing between the empires of Austria and Eireann. It is up to Commander Dee of the Eireann Constabulary to untangle the intricate political minefield that if left could potentially mean a stronger more powerful Austria and a weakened Eireann.

Added to this hotbed of political intrigue is the creation of a time machine. Unfortunately for Commander Dee its creator has been murdered and it has fallen into the hands of an extremist.

If I am to find any criticisms then they are these. First, there is little scope for characterisation and you have to be very patient with the many factors and factions of the political scenario thrown in the mix. Secondly and most importantly for me, the full impact caused by the creation of this time machine on Commander Dee is hinted at but never explain or explored fully. I am guessing that there may be a sequel to this or perhaps I missed a prequel. Either way the titbits of time displacements that affect Dee are left dangling. Whereas the resolution of the main crux of the story is reached very neatly these little teasers are almost tossed aside.

But the overall plot is kept tight, the action as already stated is fast and furious, there aren't any wasted scenarios and it was a jolly good read too.

Lastly if you would like another quick read, here is a tiny snippet from the ever fabulous Theresa Milstein from the Substitute Teacher's Saga that she posted up for competition. As well as the lovely Susan Field's sneaky peaks of her novel.

Have a lovely Thursday.


KarenG said...

Your cat is so cute! I love that expression she has. She's ready to cuddle with you and the book on that comfy bed!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, alternate Austrias - oh yes! Don't suppose it could find its way to me at some point? :)

Theresa Milstein said...

I love seeing a picture of your important things. What a fantastic idea!

My cat always makes eyes like that too. It's hard to get the cats wide-eyed for some reason. I understand why you want to hold on a bit longer. When it's time, you'll both know.

I love shoes too, but normally live in flats. I have a pair by Soft, which are sexy heels, but comfortable - a rarity!

Who could live without books? That's interesting that the book is being passed around. I just won a YA book in a contest from a blog, which is on it way. By the way, thanks for mentioning me.

What would be on my bed? I have to ponder this. If it's non-human I'd pick my cat, a book, my ring, and my laptop. This laptop I'm typing on has been with me since I decided to be a writer. It has everything I've started, every edit I've ever made, every query I've ever typed. And I have to put all of these items on my bed because after years with a creaky, uncomfortable one, we bought a plush one last February. I snuggle right in.

umi_e said...

Thanks for sharing... I'll visit the websites your suggested here :)

~ Have a nice day ~

Ann said...

Cat is looking good. Looks like she is nice and comfy. Shoes are fab. I have a pair similar to that. Bed looks like it would just envelop you. Cat is looking good. Shoes are fab. I have a pair similar to that. Bed looks like it would just envelop you. A good book, what else could a girl want.

Susan Fields said...

Thank you for putting up the link to my sneak peek - that's so sweet of you! Your tough old girl's looking good, and pretty relaxed on that nice comfy bed!

TK said...

Awww Cat looks beautiful. Grate review, just like a pro.
We's purring fur you and Cat enjoy your weekend together!

Plain Jane said...

Comfy bed, cozy kitty, good read. That could a picture of my wish list. I would just have to trade the "sensible shoes" for my Guatemalan slippers that keep my toes warm.

Love Meow said...

Do you know how much I enjoy reading your blog? You have a sense of humor that I totally love :). I think the Cat is absolutely lovely. I adore her face. I would love to have a pair of those shoes too. I love reading, but I can't always concentrate on a book. sometimes I suspect that I might have mild ADD. A comfy bed is so important for a good night rest. You are a fantastic writer. If you publish a book, I will buy it.

Jacqueline said...

Cat is a beautiful girl and she looks well, quite wonderful really; it's good you are letting her lead you where she wants/needs to be through this tough situation...Best of luck, praying for you both.

Talli Roland said...

I love cats but my flat is way too small and I love in central London, so I'm going to live vicariously through you!

I also love shoes (with a passion bordering on obsession) and comfy beds!

Thanks for sharing.

Kea said...

What a terrific idea, to take a picture of what's important to you. I think that would certainly be my cats, definitely my camera and my laptop! Probably my sneakers/hiking shoes too. LOL.

Cat does look good...I hope she is pain-free, as I know cats do hide pain very, very well. Only you know best how she is, day to day.

That book blog scheme, as you put it, is a fabulous idea!

Sending lots of Light to you both!

fairyhedgehog said...

Lovely picture! And I'm glad you got to read and enjoy the book. Having it passed on between different friends feels rather special.

Brian said...

I hope y'all have a calm and uneventful weekend full of relaxation and snoring!

stacy said...

Glad you liked the book. I had the same problems with it that you did.

I'd like to do this book exchange thing again. That was fun.

fairyhedgehog said...

stacy, I would too. I used to exchange tarot cards with friends and it was exciting getting little notecards or postcards with them.

I especially like sending things across the pond, even though it costs a bit more. It's great to have something tangible to show of our friends.