Saturday, 29 May 2010

Cows that purr and moths that bask

Yes they exist.

Beautiful bloggie friends, meet a cow-kitty!

A heartfelt thanks to the talented and hilarious Sammy and Andy (and their mama bug!) for this beautiful badge.

And thank you TK and Squashies of Furrever Home for pursuading Charlie to take part! He could be very shy at times but once confident, he's quite a showcat!

Charlie says: "Purr-mooo"

And here is a lovely moth - or is it a butterfly? It was brown and hairy anyway! And it was sunning itself on the wall by my front door just above my lavender pot plant.

I also tried to be artistic and get a photo of bees feeding on my geranium flowers but the little buggers refused to cooperate and buzzed off!

Have a nature filled Saturday everyone!


Kea said...

Congratulations to Charlie for being a "cow kitty!"

I think that's some sort of moth...Charlie should be catching those and crunching them up as a little snack between meals. :-)

Have a lovely day!

Brian said...

Congrats Charlie, that badge is totally cool!!! I like that moth, lots, bet it tastes like chicken. Y'all have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I had a cow kitty once, and now I have a tuxedo.

I don't know how I feel about moths. They're strangely beautiful to me, unless they're flying straight at me.

Anonymous said...

aw I love the Charlie badge. How gorgeous :o) I hope you're getting nice weather now. I think the weather patterns are strange nowadays.

TK & Squashies said...

You are a beautiful cow-kitty!
Charlie-mom: Keep trying, as you know, art takes time. The moth pictures is beautiful.

Al said...


Like the moth, at least I guess it is a moth.
Here is an Oz museum link that talks about the differences.

Al said...


Like the moth, at least I guess it is a moth.
Here is an Oz museum link that talks about the differences.

Katnip Lounge said...

Feathered or smooth antennae? Smooth means butterfly, feathered, moth.
We think it would be a tasty snack, no mater the genus!

umi_e said...

have a nice saturday :)

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on joining the Cow Kitty Club, Charlie=you are a handsome boy with a cool badge!!...We hope you and your Mom have a happy weekend sweetie...kisses!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

lupie said...

Congrats Sir Charlie Cow! :):)

That's a very lovely badge.

I've just woke up from my power-nap on this Saturday and the moment I saw Charlie's badge, it just made me smile big time!

So much joy!!!

Lucky's still very rough when playing, he likes to smack me with his "special" paw which has a very sharp claw left. Maybe that's "The Claw" you were referring to!

Charlie, Jenn - No moth eating ya - I mean you Jenn!! Hehehehe! Let this weekend inspirational!

fairyhedgehog said...

Bad little bees! I hope you told them what you thought about them buzzing off!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Congratulations on being a star Cow Cat Kitty Charlie - you are looking very handsome on your badge - very debonair.

We think that looks like a moth but we're certainly no experts!! Mum is likely to run a mile if they flutter at her.
luv Hannah and Lucy

Jojo said...

I chuckled at your post on Mille Fiori Favorati - I can't swim but when I was 13 I decided that I had to learn to ride a bike. I was the only person in high school with skinned knees but I finally did it! I was so proud.

As for the swimming, I manage just fine by lounging on the beach!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

This IS a pretty badge!

Isn't it a pity that I'm not a cow kitty?!

Ann Best said...

I absolutely love this blog title! Thanks for brightening my already somewhat bright Saturday. Have a great weekend.

Don's Girl said...

Looks like a moth--and a GREAT photo by the way! If the moth lived in my house--it would be flying as fast it could, with my herd of cats ramblin' thru the house... :) LOVe the photo of Charlie---purr-moo indeed!! :)

Marg said...

Way to go 'cow kitty' Charlie. That is a great picture of you on that badge. That does look like a moth.
Hope you have a wonderful week end. Charlie, now take care of things.

tekorin said...

Congratulations Charlie!!
You are really beautiful cow kitty!

Love the moth pic!! ( we think it is a moth)
He/she is cute!

Sammy and Andy said...

Hi, handsome cow kitty, you!!!!!!!! We are so thankful our mama started making cow kitty badges, otherwise we may not have met you. We are looking forward to getting to know you better.

Happy Caturday to all. xxxxxxxxxxx

Bossy Betty said...

Congrats on the new badge! Love the picture of the moth. I try and try to get them to pose for me, but they always want to talk to their agents first!

laughingwolf said...

charlie's a cutie, fur shur! :)

have little use for moths since their larvae are so destructive!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Purr-mooo to you, Charlie. Glad you joined the group. None of us are eligible.

Ann Best said...

What an awesome shot of the moth! And I love your title, as always. Tell Charlie he leads an amazing life.

Talli Roland said...

Cow Kitty! Hee! Hope Charlie is suitably impressed with his new status.

Happy Saturday!

Beth said...

Beautiful picture of the moth. And Charlie is of course fabulous as always!

penandpaints said...


Lovely moth too, isn't it funny how people love butterflies but tend to dislike moths?

A few years ago my tabby kept catching butterflies, really beatiful ones, she'd bring them in to me in the kitchen. I managed to save a few and set them free.
She hasn't done it again and I haven't seen many butterflies recently, it was either just a really good year for butterflies, or my naughty cat has almost depleted the species in our localicty!

Christine and FAZ said...

A cow kitty - amazing. What next? FAZ

notesfromnadir said...

Well, Charlie surprises all of us w/ his new identity! :)

Cool moth pic.

Yeah, bees are also camera shy. That's why they buzzed off! :)

ABBY said...

Oh Charlie
you are one handsome moo cow.
That is a lovely badge from da mama bug!

Our Momma was able to get a nice close up today of a dragon fly as she was taking pictures in her garden.