Monday, 31 May 2010

The Cinderella Complex

I have the dress:

I have the pair of sandals :

I have the bag:

And all week I have battled a cold, a virus and backache

(if my comments last week were crazy, that’s why!).

I am ready to go for my Afternoon Tea at the Ritz today booked months in advance, costing tons.

But what’s this? What appears yonder on my chin?!?!?

Woe bloggie friends. It’s a ZIT, a PIMPLE, a SPOT!

I am 40 years old and I have a great big adolescent spot on my chin the day of my putting on the Ritz.

Cinderella never had to put with such a thing, why me?!?!!?

Charlie says: I’ll be your puss in pots!

Have a spotless Monday everyone!


lupie said...

Only proves that you are "young" inside? Hehehehe ...

Have a good afternoon tea! :)

Charlie - where are your boots? Love looking at your pix, always!

umi_e said...

Hi... have a meaningful monday ;)

Take care

Brian said...

Wow, you've got a Ritz Zit, those are rare and highly valuable. Ya got it, flaunt it! I do hope you get feeling better. Hey, that is a super picture of you Charlie.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Charlie loves you not matter whether you have a spot or not.

I can't wait to hear about your adventure at the Ritz...

Susan Fields said...

I feel your pain - I have a horrible head cold that's been kicking my butt the past few days. And I'm 41 and I still get zits! It's so unfair. :(

Have a wonderful time at the Ritz!

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

We hope that you have a very fun time at your grown up tea party! Maybe Charlie could go with you and distract folks?

Charlemagne and Tamar

Katnip Lounge said...

OMG! A zit at the Ritz! I thought you got one of those AFTERWARDS from all the rich food.
You have my sympathies...I had clear skin as a young-un but menopause put paid to that!
KonaKitty says don't worry, even kitties get pimples (she does!).
Hope you're feeling well enough to have a fabulous time. Pictures!

PeeEss--That dress is fabulous! You're sure to look stunning in it.

laughingwolf said...

see? all you gotta do is THINK young! ;) lol

The Chair Speaks said...

Spots and pimples at your 40 years young! You can still get them when approaching 60 young! LOL!
Charlie, you are out early for a morning walk! Have a great day!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, noooooo! Deep breath and remember, nobody is going to notice. Seems crazy but they'll be paying attention to your sparkling personality and stunning wardrobe. ;-)

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

LOL! that's always the way isn't it? Damn those pimples!

Jacqueline said...

It happens to all of us, but you'd think having to dye my hair would cancel out acne, right=I mean age, should have some advantages or even trade offs, that's the way it should be anyway!!...I hope you feel better and can enjoy The Ritz!...Hope your week gets better too!...kisses to Charlie...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

fairyhedgehog said...

Oh Kitty! I wish I had a magic wand to whisk away your virus, your backache and your spot!

Joanne Fox said...

You have a fab outfit! Just say 'to hell with the spot' and enjoy yourself.

Kea said...

Oh dear...I'm sorry, but I'm laughing, because I'm older than you and I still break out during PMS week.

Love the dress, shoes and bag! Really, get your sister to take a pic of can hide your face if you want to. :-)

I hope you feel well enough to fully enjoy your Tea!

Ann said...

Have a wonderful time at the Ritz! Ignore the zit! and have another cream bun.

Brigid said...

Kitty, my sympathy goes to you, I have one too and a threating cold and I am also out tonight for the competition results but hope we both have great day.

Marg said...

Well looks like you are ready to go except for that Zit. That will just add to your beauty. Hope you have a wonderful time.
Charlie you are doing a fabulous job of taking care of those pots.
You have a wonderful week.

Guinevere said...

Love the fabulous yellow bag!

And the zit is just like when you were a teenager... no one is noticing it but you!

Kate Mascarenhas said...

Oh, have fun at the Ritz.

As for spots... my adolescent acne never paused for breath, and hasn't gone away yet, more's the pity :)

BigFatLion said...

Charlie looks like he's sleepwalking!

No squeezing your zits at the Ritz. It's frowned upon, apparently. I have no idea why.

Hope you have a great day.

Felted House said...

I'm older than you and still suffer hormone-related spots - you'd think once the wrinkles started to appear we'd get a break wouldn't you? So you have my sympathy - I frequently feel I look my worst just when I've got a day out - but I'm convinced also that nobody notices as much as we do ourselves. And the best thing to do apparently is to believe you are beautiful, with no spots, conducting all conversations with bags of confidence, and then people just don't notice any blemishes. Hope you soon feel much, much better and can look forward to tea in that lovely dress! Archie has come to send his best wishes by parking his fluffy bottom on my keyboard! xx

hampshireflyer said...

Oh dear - not tea-induced stress I hope! Those are two concepts that never even ought to go together... :)

Hannah and Lucy said...

We all love your dress - particularly fussy Miss Hannah - she often says I should dress better!! Don't worry about your spot - I don't expect anyone but you will notice it. Is Charlie going to the Ritz too.

ABBY said...

Momma says she suffered as a teenager with acne...and now as an adult she has roscea. So in other words she has acne again with a RED face. She had to work long and hard to find makeup that would cover without settling into her now *amen* "mature" face.

She says she feels your pain.
Beautiful outfit!

Hello Charlie in all of your gorgeousness!


Talli Roland said...

OH NO! I feel your pain. At the worst moments I always get GIANT spots! But with such a fab dress, killer shoes, and a hand bag to die for, surely no-one will even notice!

Have a GREAT time!

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh never mind that daft spot. Have a brilliant time and its whats inside that counts.. Enjoy.. HUgs GJ xx

Esme said...

Lucky Lucky you tea at the Ritz-HIgh tea at a fancy place is quite fun-I know you will have a wonderful tea. I originally planned on going out for high tea in NYC and then went to numerous tea places for afternoon cake and tea. Enjoy. The dress is lovely. Too bad the kitties could not join you-they could sit there all regal sniffing at the salmon sandwiches.

penandpaints said...

Don't fret, no one will notice it!
It's just the way isn't it, when you're looking forward to going somewhere?
I love your dress and shoes!!
Hope you have a lovely day!

Theresa Milstein said...

I've snuck onto the hotel Internet from a special room.

Oh blemishes! I get them too. In The States we have a commercial that reads, "Too old for acne but too young for wrinkes?"

When is that exactly?

Dab on some concealer and have fun. Even posh people break out. Poor thing! At least you're better, right?

Hi, Charlie!

Patchwork Bird said...

Puss in Pots - Love it! Don't worry the dress is so eye catching people won't see the spot. Please do tell us all the details of tea in the Ritz tomorrow x

notesfromnadir said...

Thanks for showing us your outfit. It's so appropriate for summer. Love how everything is naturally coordinated down to the smallest detail.

I feel bad about your spot as that's in a location that's kinda hard to hide. If it's any consolation, it'll make you look younger.