Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tis a Mystery

Astute bloggie friends, here is a mystery I’m trying to solve!

What on earth is this plant - the one with the two long stems?

I’ve lost the plant tag or it’s been eaten away by some rabid plant tag eating bug – who knows?

I bought these bulbs the same time I got the demented dianthus – summer 2008.

And now they’ve grown and I haven’t a clue what they are!

Would any of you know? I must admit I’m very excited to see the flowers!

I hope the buds grow bigger – the stems are so long but the buds are tiny!

Charlie says: Trust me, it's weed.

Don't forget: tomorrow's three words are "dragon" "fly" "knight".

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!


Brian said...

I don't know what those plant are, but they sure are pretty. Charlie, you don't seem overly impressed.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I have a feeling when your plant blooms it will look like a giant purple dandelion. You know like the white ones, but purple. We had a plant like that at our old place...It looks familiar.

m.q said...

o0o0ohh...cute charlie
happy tuesday!!

Ann Best said...

Since I'm an abysmal plant person, I'm with Charlie.

I really don't know what it is. But I'll be back to see if someone does.

Theresa Milstein said...

Dragon, fly, and knight - check! 33 words?

I can't help you, sorry. I know very little about plants.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

LOL! The first thought I had, before I even read your question was, "Look, it's a giant, mutant garlic plant!"

Sorry, no clue. Charlie may just be right. ;-)

Catching up so... glad to hear the season finale for the Doctor was good... and glad you held on spoilers, since we're episodes behind you (unless I go to a certain someone's house and don't ask how he has it already - LOL!). Perhaps I will make that awesome looking bloody mary to enjoy with the final episode!

The Chair Speaks said...

Love Charlie's fluffy bib!

Kea said...

I have no idea, though I'm sure one of your followers will. I do that too--throw away the tag with the flower's name. Most of the perennials in my garden are nameless to me. LOL.

I'm looking forward to your three word story tomorrow!

BigFatLion said...

A gardener friend of mine says your plant looks like an agapanthus.

I have no idea myself, but if you Google it they do look v similar.

Evelyn said...

Hi. I think that is an agapanthus. I have posted a photograph on my blog to see if it rings any bells with you.

Lovely plant. Nile Lily is another name it goes by.

Evelyn said...

Thanks BFL.

I have just gone and looked at my agapanthus and they look exactly the same, so I'm now sure it's an agapanthus. The head will get bigger once the flowers burst through.

People tend to deadhead them after flowering, but you can leave the seedheads on, apparently without compromising vigour. They look architectural, and will produce black seeds. If you sow these in a well drained compost and put gravel on top, they germinate quite readily, and after two or three years you will have more plants of flowering size.

This can happen naturally as the head flops onto the soil about two or three feed from the parent plant (nice seed distribution strategy there) and a group of plants may develop there.

They come in a wide range of blues from pale to inky blue, and there is a white form.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hi Charlie - has your mum done her writing piece yet. We hope you don't end up doing it for her!!.
We have no idea what your long stemmed plant is but then we don't have green paws.
Give your mum some purrs and headbutts from us please.

Anonymous said...

Now we are dying to see the flower...how exciting! Hey Charlie!

Sammy and Andy said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, will Charlie be right???????? Although our mama's first reaction was agapanthus also.


Watery Tart said...

Disclaimer: I am clueless

Suggestion: SMELL IT. It looks an awful lot like it might be related to garlic (or alium?)

Reiteration: what I know about gardening could be written on my thumb nail.

*scratches Charlie*

Marg said...

We don't know what that plant is called. We may have one in our yard too. But that doesn't mean we know what it is.
Charlie, that is a great picture of you. You might be right, it is probably a weed.
Have a great day.

Bossy Betty said...

According to word verification here on your blog that plant is a Greammen.

You are welcome.

Charlie--I just want to come and squeeze your tail. Would that be a problem?

Talli Roland said...

I'm not a plant person at all so I'm afraid I have no idea! Perhaps Charlie should give it a little taste test?

ABBY said...

HI Charlie
Our Momma is terrible with plant names, she is sorry she cannot help.

But I think you look fabulous and I know your name!

Sweet Charlie.


lupie said...

Charlie! I agree! It must be weed! (hehehe ... you make me laugh - as usual!)

Do post a photo to prove Charlie wrong! :) Can't wait to see if it is a weed or a gem-soon-to-bloom.

Hugs to Charlie and Jenn!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Um, the plant is, well, it is a tall plant with a smallish bud that um, well, yeah, I have no idea.

I think Charlie may be on to something because no one seems to recognize it - but then again, it could be whatever you purchased and forgot - but I think you'd remember by looking at it if it was something you picked.

I really have no idea.

Joanne Fox said...

My first thought was agapanthus too. I have one in a pot and it's at exactly the same stage. The flowers are lovely bluish purple when they bloom. You may need to stake those long stems to make sure they don't topple over or get snapped in the wind.

Evelyn said...

Has the bud burst yet, Old Kitty?