Friday, 2 July 2010

The Back of Beyond

The diagram above, kind bloggie friends, illustrates how you should sit on your chair when at your office area in the home or at work. :-)

The science is explained here.

So you writers and desktop/laptop users out there - now you know why you have back pain and muscle strain from hunching over your keyboard.

It's not you - it's your furniture!

But do not fret lovely bloggie friends. The perfect chair and pc desktop table have already been invented!

Eh Voila!!!

Charlie says: Double sigh. Mad woman still hasn't opened my pressies.

Have a floofy Friday everyone!!


Kea said...

LOL! That harkens back to Star Trek: TNG days, Geordi's chair. We thought he looked ridiculous sitting like that, but apparently that's the way to go. LOL.

Now, I'm all for leaning back like that, but I want to put my feet up too! :-)

P.S. Charlie, we advise you to give your mum a swat to get her to open your presents ASAP!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hmmmm they bought me an ergonomic keyboard and mouse for my carpal tunnel. But I kinda doubt my boss would go for this! Especially in that color!

laughingwolf said...

ok... but tell those maroons the term is 'chaise LONGUE'... lounge, my foot! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Brian said...

I like that chair, several good napping spots I see! Oh no, Charlie does not look thrilled!

Ann said...

Poor patient!

Must get one of those chairs. Do they come in any other colours??

Ann Best said...

You are amazing. Where do you find such interesting photos? Mad woman, says Charlie. Madly creative, I say. This is an absolutely delightful post. It made my evening, and Jen's.

Dangerous With a Pen said...

LOL, I love it! I have scoliosis and my spine is shaped like an "s". I wore a back brace for 3 years of high school (yes, I was just like Deenie... thank goodness she was a little before my time and although I knew about the book, no one else I knew did!). Although I am not under any treatment now and you can't tell by looking at me, my body weight does settle a little bit unevenly since my spine is crooked and my hips aren't quite straight so I ALWAYS have lower back pain.

Methinks I have found the answer. Hehe!!! :D

Brigid said...

What a great chair!! Charlie looking cute as ever.

Kat_RN said...

But does it come in dark brown? Seriously though, my physical therapist has been telling me that sort of thing for years. Good glasses can help too, if you can see properly, you are less likely to lean closer.

Zoe said...

Is it wrong that the chair seems appealing to me... not mad on the colour but the rest is just right.
I'm already planning how to fit it in the house with a little table beside it to hold notes, tea, and things to munch on.

BigFatLion said...

Chuckie Boy, I'm so sorry, I didn't realise I'd re-homed you with somebody who would torture you with pressies.



(Or save them for his Birthday!! Is he 8 or 9? I've lost track now.)

lupie said...

It perfectly explains it all - it is not me! It is the chair! It is not me being lazy and hunching my back - IT IS INDEED THE CHAIR!

Er... can we start a legal case over the manufacturer of my green plastic chair?

Love the look of the futuristic chair, looks very comfy indeed.

P:S: Pssss... Charlie, gimme your add, I'd pop over and help you with your pressie! :)

Hannah and Lucy said...

Does it come with a cat shelf so that the proper snoopervising can be done.

Theresa Milstein said...

That chair looks more like a plaything for Charlie than a seat for a person. I never understand chairs that are supposed to be ergonomic, but don't provide back support. The thing looks like a fuchsia virus.

I know you haven't made Charlie wait this long!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a chair! How can you work sitting so far back???? Nip mom Charlie...maybe that will get her going on the gift box!

KarenG said...

I love the new look of your blog! And so nice to see a picture of you sweet kitty who lived over 17 years with you. A very long time for a cat to be sure, but I'm sure it wasn't long enough. Is that chair for real?

Marg said...

That chair or piece of furniture certainly is different. The first thing I would do is fall asleep if i leaned back like that. It does look sort of comfy. You need to have the computer suspended from the ceiling.
Poor Charlie, Mom, He needs to open his pressies. It is only two days early.
Have an extra special week end.

TK and Squashies said...

That is one seriously ugly chair. But I like the concept.
Charlie, dear, you are so neglected to not get your presents opened yet. Tell her to hurry, we're all very anxious to see!
Have a great weekend my friends.

Guinevere said...

My husband sent me that article too! I have back problems. I do have a set-up sort of like that, a chair that reclines with a pull-out keyboard/mouse area that comes over my lap, and dual monitors.

But... I still find myself sitting forward when I work. I just can't get myself to stay in that position. Maybe I'm a little too intense! It's a good idea, though, if anyone can make it work for them. lol

LOVE that expression of Charlie's. Too adorable

Talli Roland said...


Who sits like that in a chair? Cme on! I'd never get any work done! Craziness. Where is Philipe Starck when you need him?

Hi to Charlie!

Hart Johnson said...

I SO AM NEVER GOING TO PAY ATTENTION LAYING DOWN! But I do have back pain... the grand debate: productivity versus comfort... well at least for the weekend, I think comfort wins! Have a great weekend!

KarenMcG said...

Charlie, it looks to us like you're really exercising restraint there in the face of all those pressies! How do you do it?

And tell your mom that that contraption thing for your back looks very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Now if I'd been sitting like that to do my homework my Mum would just have come along and said, Sit up straight! So I never dared! :)

notesfromnadir said...

Very funny! I've yet to find a comfy chair or position. I just shift a lot.

Now please open Charlie's presents! :)

penandpaints said...

Ooh, that looks comfy womfy. My back hurts. I want one, but I think the chances of me staying awake whilst seated would be pretty slim!
Hi! to poor patient Charlie :)

PS: Haha, the word I have to type in to post this comment is: sitsort, how spooky is that?

elizabeth said...

What's a Pressie???

The guy in figure 90 angle has baaad posture--look at his head!!

LOL, I agree with Kea--looks like something out of Star Trek!

Wow, leaning way back like that? Hmmm.

Felted House said...

I'd fall asleep if I was lying that far back! They haven't factored in the cat's position either - usually we have to fit round one of those too don't we, although I know they usually sit on the keyboard.
I work in a tiny room surrounded by boxes, I must take that photo of the pink chair in to make my two colleagues smile - it would take up the whole office! xx

ABBY said...

Mom has benign positional vertigo,she has to be furry careful when she lays back. That would never work for her...but she agrees that chairs and computer work are not ergonomically efficient!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I doubt I could keep my eyes open lying down at the keyboard as that chair would position me! Lol!