Friday, 19 February 2010

A Happy ending for Brenda ! And a home for Charlie..

Story no. 1: SOS Brenda Carter:

This is a great true story. And it could only have unfolded in blogworld.

If you know about it, I hope you don't mind me re-telling it again! It has all the ingredients of a short story thriller! There is mystery, intrigue, community spirit and eventual happy ending.

Yesterday the rather wonderful womagwriter sent out this SOS on her blog post entitled: "Calling Brenda Carter".

Apparently the editor of Women's Weekly loved a story submitted to the magazine so much she wanted to publish it. But - and this is A BIG BUT! - the author didn't attached any contact details to the story. All the editor knew was that the story was written by a Brenda Carter.

The editor asked a few classy blogs for their help and so the SOS was sent out. For a few frantic blog posts whizzing all over a place, a virtual cry of "Calling Brenda Carter" went up in glorious virtual technicolour.

You can read how the this story unfolded in the comments section of the SOS piece here.

I'll let you guess what happened next.

Moral of the story: the nice blogging community ROCKS! Oh and always attach your contact details to any submission that you send out to editors.

Story no. 2: Charlie needs a new home.

This story is looking for a happy ending:

Charlie the cat needs a new home. You can read his story here and see glorious pics of him too. If you can help please do. I'd love for this to have a lovely ending like Brenda Carter's.

Cat Clip Art">

p.s. It's MY WEEKLY not Woman's Weekly, sorry! :-)


Theresa Milstein said...

Yesterday's post was about followers using advice blogs for bad. Today's post is a story of followers using blogs for good. With a happy ending to boot!

I hope the cat finds a home. That's sweet of you to help.

Love Meow said...

awww Charlie is beautiful. I adore Main Coon cats. They are just so loyal and graceful. I wish I could adopt him, but I am so far away. Thank you for sharing the stories :). Head bumps from my kitties

Kea said...

Yes, I agree that the blogging community rocks. Glad the Brenda Carter story had a happy ending. :-)

As for Charlie--he is a GORGEOUS mancat! I do hope he finds the right new home soon, am sending tons of Light that he does. Let us know!

Susan Fields said...

I hope Charlie finds a home! We adopted our dog from a friend of a friend after they conducted a similar search, just spreading the word about a pet who needed a home. I hope Charlie has as happy of an ending as our Piper did.

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Old Kitty: Tommy melted about Charlie--We hope he get his own happy ending too..I think we live too far away... :(

And WONDERFUL about Brenda Carter! Makes all this blogging and technology kind of a good thing!

And what kind of stories do you write? Tommy's taken an interest to some on your blog roll. She thinks she kinda writes, but I never see her DO anything... :)


Ann said...

Loved both your links. So glad Brenda was found. Hope the handsome Charlie finds a wonderful home!

Old Kitty said...

Hi Theresa Milstein

Oh I loved the Brenda Carter story! I just thought well good for her. The thing is Women's Weekly have now shut their doors to unpublished writers so it was a kind of sweet victory as this is Ms Carter's first story and although she managed to submit before this awful rule was imposed it still showed that unpublished first time writers shouldn't be discouraged!

So Yay!! to Ms Carter.

Oh and I do hope that lovely cat finds a home.

Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi Love Meow

Oh I wish I could take him with me, I really could. Isn't he just adorable? Poor little kitty!

Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi Kim

Yay to Ms Carter!

Oh and so far poor Charlie doesn't have any takers. :-( You know I really wish I could give him a home.

I will keep checking to see what happens and will let you know.

p.s. GREAT NEWS about Annie - yay!! She is such a beauty, she really is!

Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi Susan Fields

Awww what a lovely story about Piper!

I'm feeling more optimistic now after reading about your Piper. Fingers crossed that Charlie will find lovely people as Piper has.

Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi Noir you handsome kitty you!

I think you should use your Jedi Mind Trick and make Tommy write her stories...! I hope she does do so - it's the best thing to do (apart from taking pics of your gorgeous self!:-))


Oh I write anything! LOL. Mainly character-driven stuff. I've finished two stories so far - a sort of woman's mag type story and a horror one. There are a couple of competitions for each genre so I might try for them.

And isn't Charlie such a lovely cutie? Paws crossed he finds a good home!

Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi Ann

Wasn't the find Carter a great story? and fab ending!

As for Charlie, fingers and everything crossed he finds a lovely home.

Take care

Kate said...

Yay for the bloggers!! And well done Brenda.

Any news on Charlie? He looks adorable!

womagwriter said...

My Weekly, not Woman's Weekly, but yes, a good satisfying uplifting story like all good womag stories should be. Wishing the same for Charlie and his amazing tail.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Kate

Aw, I keep checking the blog but no, no news about Charlie as yet. Poor little thing!!

I really, really wish I could have him!

Take care

Old Kitty said...

Hi womagwriter

thanks for popping by!

Ooops - My Weekly - I'm so sorry! LOL! Guess I was much too excited with this story!! LOL!

And oh I do so hope Charlie finds a good home, poor thing..

Take care