Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sid and Sadie Harvest go on Cassa Star

Bloggie friends!!

Meet Sid and Sadie Harvest(men) spiders!

According to the Arachological Society these are not true spiders because... er.. they have 2 eyes instead of 8 and are apparently omnivorous - as in they eat anything on God's Green Earth.

So Charlie was wrong! Hah! (See his mistake here - LOL!)

Charlie says: All I can say is that last time 'twas only Sid. Now you also have Sadie. Ahem.

NEWS FLASH!! The fabulous Alex J Cavanaugh’s debut novel Cassa Star is out today – Yay!!!

You can read an extract here.

This taster of a chapter reminded me of a sort of Top Gun in Outer Space – it’s positively dripping in testosterone and manly men and I’ve not even touched on the aliens!!

Anyway – for more info please visit here – also there’s a link on my side bar if you wish to purchase. Good luck Alex J Cavanaugh!!!

My copy is hopefully winging its way to me via Amazon!

Have twirly whirly Tuesday everyone!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, Kitty! Hope you enjoy your manly men.

Clarissa Draper said...

Yay! It hasn't hit here yet but soon!


Theresa Milstein said...

Who knew something that looked like a spider isn't a spider? Somehow I'm not comforted.

So is Charlie really wrong?

How nice of you to give Alex a shout out on your post along with a sidebar link. I hope his book does well.

Mr Puddy said...

Even it's not true spiders but I guess they made your day interesting : )

Susan Fields said...

Are Sid and Sadie your new pets? I think I'd be relocating them outside pretty quickly. :)

m.q said...

happy day charlie!!!

Katnip Lounge said...

Here in the US we call S & S "Daddy Longlegs", which is quite sexist!

I came across a dead tarantula last week at work and set it in the hall. What fun. I didn't like most of the screamers, anyway.

Ann Best said...

So I learned something about spiders. All I ever wanted to know about spiders. I went over and saw Charlie's "mistake." Only one, eh!! Jen claims she sees spiders on her walls when I don't--whatever that means!!!

My book money for October is gone, but Alex is on my list for next months. So many good novels by fellow bloggers that I'm anxious to read!! I'm glad for the list on your sidebar. I'm going to copy you and put up a list also, to add to what you have here.

A spider-free Tuesday to you from me and Jen.

Kea said...

Okay, Sid and Sadie have to go. Either trap and release (forget the neutering -- lol), or go via broom or vacuum. *shudder*

Congrats to Alex on his debut novel! That's fabulous!

fairyhedgehog said...

They look like spiders to me! *shudders*

Reenie said...

Spider or no spider- if it looks like one and if it has 8 legs... I don't care how many eyes it has.

It is spider to me... and I cannot live in the same house with a spider!

Oh my.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Whether they were spiders or something else mum would have had them out the door very fast!
You're looking very relaxed today Charlie.

laughingwolf said...

we call em 'daddy longlegs' this side of the pond... i like em, til they get into my hair! :O lol

Brian said...

Those non-spiders are still creepy crawly things deserving of whapping! I hope you book shows up quicker this time!

Bossy Betty said...

Congrats to Alex!

I let these little guys live. I like them.

Plain Jane said...

Only 2 eyes? In that case I am no longer afraid. Right. That is one reason I have cats. They keep the house very bug free.

lupie said...

Yikes! 2-eyes Spiders!

**running away**

P:S: I have serious paranoia over hairy or/and long legs 2 or more eyes spiders!

Felted House said...

Archie would be going mental trying to leap for Sid and Sadie if he was there - I see Charlie is a little more laid-back. xx

Creepy Query Girl said...

ewe spiders (or not spiders- they're still yucky to me)!! lol.

Lola Sharp said...

'Real' spiders or not, they'd need to leave my living premises. Stat. *shudder*

Yay Alex!!! :)

Hi Charlie! *waves* And Miss Kitty! *waves again*

I don't know who your friend Katnip is, or where she lives in the U.S., but I am positive I don't want to live there. If I saw a tarantula (even dead) I WOULD FREAK OUT!!! Seriously, nightmare stuff. I don't think I'd recover.


DEZMOND said...

oh, Sid and Sadie are such charmers :) We want them as regulars at your blog :)

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hm, that is interesting that the spiders aren't really spiders. Who knew! I am pretty sure that my cats would eat them either way!

And hm, you make that book sound intriguing. There are a ton of books I want to get right now - I will add this one to the list!

elizabeth mueller said...

How exciting for Alex! Glad those spiders aren't carnivorous. I'd be worried about them creeping 'round my house! ;)

stacy said...

Yay! Happy reading!

Charlie always looks so content.

ABBY said...

HI handsome Charlie,
We are glad you got a tasty snack!


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Looks like a good book (not that we'd judge by it's cover ;))