Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Day for Pondering

Bloggie friends!!

Some things I've been pondering today:

1) It's like 65 days to Christmas!! And here is a countdown clock link to light up your PCs!


2) This week is National Baking Week - and this link will give you ideas of fun stuff to do with baking! Baking is fun!! Baking rocks!! Baking means cakes!!! What's not to like about baking?!!!? If you really really try, you can get chocolate muffins out of it!

3) I think I got my Chapter 1 as good as I can make it. Would anyone like to read the first 500 words???? I just need a taster of what you think - I know the lovely Clarissa Draper does free critiques but I'm not that confident yet!! :-)

4) Nice Blogger is warning all and sunder not to post up pics today at 5pm PDT. I have no idea what PDT means nor do I know if this means UK time, USA time etc! But at least we have the warning!

I must stop ending sentences in !!!!. Oh who am I kidding?!!?

Charlie says: Not me!!

Have a wise Wednesday everyone!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Let Clarissa read your work! She does an awesome job and is very considerate.

Christmas is coming up way too fast...

Kea said...

Please, please don't mention Christmas. Arrggh. I'm never organized, even though I have so little to do. Mostly I just ignore the whole season as much as possible. LOL.

National Baking Week? Surely that means someone will bake for me? How long to ship from the UK to Canada?

I'd love to read your first 500 words, but I think you are looking for writer feedback and of course I can't give that. Reader feedback, yes--but that's purely subjective. Congrats on finishing your chapter 1!

I *think* Blogger means Pacific Daylight Time. You're what, about 8 hours ahead of that time zone? Maybe 9 hours.

Big smooches to handsome Charlie!!! (And yes, the multiple exclamation marks were deliberate!!!)

Katnip Lounge said...

I would (as a dedicated eclectic Reader) LOVE to volunteer to read your first 500 words.

Let's see...if time equals X and PSD is X + 8 (for what I'm assuming is your time zone in Britain) ...sheesh, math is hard!

Oh, and !!!!!!!!!!!!!! all you want. Life is short. Be enthusiastic!

Theresa Milstein said...

E-mail me 500 words! Please.

Too bad I don't bake. My baked goods come out awful. Dry.

PDT is Pacific Daylight time, apparently in California. Oh, that's funny. It's 7:58 pm EST, so it's 4:58 PDT. I'm not posting any pictures in two minutes! Or should I try and see what happens?

One minute....

Summer said...

Oh man! 65 days til Christmas?!?! Eeep! Time to start SHOPPING! Wheee! :)

Clarissa Draper said...

What!? Well, you always have the option of sending it to me, have me critique it and I can email it back to you without posting it on my site. However, I warn you, I'm quite backed up on reviews right now.


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Mmmmm, chocolate muffins. I really, really miss the Galaxy Chocolate muffins we used to get in the UK. First had them cold at the water park at Alton Towers, and started looking for them everywhere after that. I've craved them like you wouldn't believe since moving to the US. *sigh* The chocolate here is just...oh my word, I weep for European chocolate.

I don't have a clue what PDT is. I know what PST is. But PDT? Bizarro. And why not post pictures then? Blogger is weird!!!!!

Guinevere said...

I would love to crit your work! Me me me please! You can email it to me at guinevere dot rowell at gmail dot com if you would like. :)

National Baking Week, hmm? Perfect that I have bread, a chocolate cake and scones to bake this week... oh wait... that's like my weekly baking list. lol. Are you baking anything fun this week?

Summer Ross said...

and of course the wise Wednesday would be lost without charlie's wise words right next to "sensible shoes" in the picture!

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

We say Charlie is cute!!

Reenie said...

Hehe... Actually, what is PDT? I know PST is Pacific Standard Time- but my allergy-brain cannot figure out PST- sorry no light from here!

I don't think my helping to readbthe 500 words will help, I cannot give you much input. What domi know about writing! But of course, i can give it a read if you send me :)

Ellie said...

I love !!!!!! too. Got to stop it though. LOL.

65 days until Christmas? Gulp. I need to get cracking with my list.

Say hi to Charlie x

The Monkeys said...

Our Mom doesn't bake...unless it's specifically for an event where she has to remove the baked goods from her home and can't eat them all!!!!

We are very excited about Christmas! Charlie, you look like you're spit-shining your coat for Santa!

laughingwolf said...

lol... happy hump day, kit :O

fairyhedgehog said...

Not Christmas, no!!!

Baking is out until I fit back into my trousers. I've stopped gaining weight but I'm steady at a stone over weight. Aarrgghh!

Charlie's looking good. As always.

Marg said...

Oh, I love to bake things. But then I eat most of what I bake and I begin to get bigger and bigger and bigger.
I would love to read your first 500 words. Take care and have a great Wedneday.

Al said...

Another year gone. Ugh!!!!!

Susan Fields said...

I'd love to read your 500 words if you want to send them my way.

65 days until Christmas? That's not even possible!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Not the dreaded C word already - remind me a bit nearer the time please.
Is Charlie having a bath to celebrate the finish of chapter 1 of your book?

Brian said...

Looks like you've got plenty of reading volunteers. Hey, I guess we should start putting our Christmas Tree up!

Ann said...

I am also a Devil for the !!!!!'s.
Just love them!

Congratulations of finishing Chapter 1. Well done you! :)

Hart Johnson said...

Christmas?! Eeek gad! I am SO not going to think about that until NaNoWriMo is over. Baking next week?! I have daily blogging and a month of writing ahead!

I suppose it shows that I am really not domestic.

Glad you found some readers!

And yes... Pacific Daylight Time. In summer many places (most of the US) move clocks ahead an hour to take advantage of longer daylight, so summer is daylight time and NORMALLY Pacific time is GMT-8 hours, but I don't know if you go on daylight time or not, so it actually might only be 7 hours different (if they jump ahead and you don't)

Simon Kewin said...

Christmas? Wooh. I love Christmas!

I'd love to see your 500 words too. Do send them to me if you feel the need for another beta reader.

notesfromnadir said...

Thanks for the Christmas clock -- it's so pretty!

Feel free to send me your 1st 500 words as I'd be happy to read them. My email addy is: lisamaliga @

lupie said...

Christmas is soon ... and I will be unemployed by then maybe sooner. How nice....


I can receive! Muahahahaha - send me lots and lots of purrs!

I am so happy that you have completed your first chapter! I'd love to read, but 500 words can be quite a challenge for my very-limited-vocabulary skill!!!!!

See, I am ending my sentence with !!! Muahahah!!!

Baking? I am hopeless at baking! Never even one successful attempt.
sigh ...

Oh well, kind of late over here now, hugs to you and Charlie!
Have a great day!

Talli Roland said...

I love your !!! Don't ever stop!!!

PDT = Pacific Daylight Time - it's eight hours behind the UK. I think.

And oh, Christmas. I can't even bear to think about that right now!

Sammy and Andy said...

Yup, life is full of ponderings!!!!!!!! We loved this post about them.

If mama is correct, PDT would be about 8 hours earlier than you. That is if you are in the same time zone as Ireland, and mama thinks you are.

We would love to read your first 500 words, as we love your writing.

Charlie, our dear handsome friend, another wonderful foto of you......

We love you both bunches!!!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Where does the time go?...Christmas is coming up way too fast!...We've missed you guys the last few days, but our Mom is interviewing this week for another job and may not be able to comment daily if she starts working longer hours on Nov. 1, but we will keep up with you lovely friends=kisses to handsome Charlie...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jacqueline said...

PS..Best of luck with Chapter 1, sweet Jen!...xo...J

Deborah said...

Thanks for all that information! I'll be back to read your 500 words!

Deborah said...

Sorry, I'm do I find it. I just went over there to look for your paragraph. Please email me the title.

Jemi Fraser said...

65 days!! Talk about stress! *sigh*

ABBY said...

Christmas is not far away and I'm looking forward to it! (I Love christmas!!)
Yep, PDT is Pacific Daylight Time -- in two weeks we switch back to Standard Time...but blogger is in the pacific time zone.

Hi Charlie


HubbleSpacePaws said...

I'm no editor, and you may have better qualified volunteers but... heck, hon, of course I'd read your words!! I come over here regularly to read them now! ;-)

Cheri said...

Christmas comes wayyy too soon. I love the decorations but the hectic pace is overwhelming.

Carolina Mts

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Jen I also have the !!!! problem --lol! See?

I'd LOVE to read your chapter one but since I'm not a writer I'm not sure if I could give you constructive criticism. Actually I have a job writing a piece for a trade magazine and I could probably use your help. The editor liked my blog photos about Eataly and they want to use them and have me wrote a piece about it for their December issue! I'm thrilled, but nervous about it. I have to go back to Eataly this weekend and do more research...and eat some pizza...hard work! ;-)