Thursday, 2 September 2010

Read em and weep

The Lament

Will I ever finish my re-write?
Or instead am I forever doomed
To do battle with my writing demons
You know, the ones that make me weep?

There are so many things wrong with my story
There are no eurekas or cries of glory
There are only points of view shifts
And plenty of narrative blips
I think I will just lay down and sleep.

Charlie says: I second that.

Thank you all so much for my blogbirthday wishes yesterday and especially for your lovely comments on Charlie’s pic!!

Have a tickety boo Thursday everyone!


Brian said...

I know you will finish
Of this I am sure.
Your such a good writer
So of course there'll be more!

Hello Charlie!

ABBY said...

OH Charlie must help your Mom with her story. It would be ever so lovely if you could give her the inspiration of that darling muse which you are...


The Teacher's Pets said...

That is exactly what I look like after a long day day of pet sitting but sometimes that is how I look after spending an hour or two trying to come up with something clever to blog about!
Don't worry, Charlie, I will always come back to read about you and your mom's adventures....I promise!

Kea said...

I have absolute faith and confidence in you, Jennifer. I'm sure it feels like it's taking forever, but in one of your recent posts you were already up to chapter 15, which is mind-boggling to this non-writer.

Take a break if you must, to refresh and renew your Self...chocolate could help. And more new footwear. LOL.

Smooches to sweet Charlie, who's obviously enjoying the sunshine!

Repositório said...

We love the poetry. Thanks sweet.
Kisses to you!!!

Ann said...

You can do it Kitty. I know you can.

Charlie is looking very cool and relaxed this evening!

Jacqueline said...

Maybe you should walk away from your current story, possibly start writing something else or take a complete break for a few days?...Just get some distance from your current story and then, go back to it with fresh eyes/perspective=just a suggestion, what do I know about the creative process?!...Or, maybe you just need to have a few adult beverages before writing, that would make things really interesting :)?!!...Hang in there and believe in yourself, Jenn; I always love your writing...Hugs to you, kisses to handsome Charlie...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Aw I feel sympathy for you Jen. I can imagine how hard it is to do a re-write when your writing is already so good. I think taking it in stages and taking a break is good as it will give your brain time to keep thinking even though you are doing something else, and then when you sit down again to work it may make the words flow.

Charles's face looks almost human in this photo! He and my cat Bo could be brothers as they look so much alike. My Bo has been sleeping like this because of all the heat we've been having. He is looking forward to autumn as much as I am! :)

Kat_RN said...

The secret, pet Charlie while you edit. Write, write a lot, then let it cool for a day or two and cut a bunch out of it. When you find flaws, be thankful that you can identify them (That is half way to fixing the right). The important thing is keep writing. You will do well, and keep petting that lovely cat, he deserves it.

Summer said...

Preaching to the choir... *sigh* *self-detesting moan*

m.q said...

owww..charlie is soooo adorable
hugs him for me please :)

Brigid said...

A belated congrats on your blogoversary, keep positive, you will get there, great pic of Charlie.

fairyhedgehog said...

Good luck with the rewrite!

Charlie always looks so gorgeous.

Ellie said...

You CAN do it Kitty! Take a little time out and pamper yourself, then return refreshed to the page.

I'm rooting for you!

Hart Johnson said...

You will get there! I know you can!

I have an award for you on my blog today!

Reenie said...

You will finish. I know it, Sher knows it... and Charlie does too, he is just pulling your leg- you silly girl.

Now- get up, shake those off and get back to work :)

You'll be fine.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Listen to Charlie! Take a nap - you'll feel better.

Marg said...

We just know you will finish. We like the 'Lament' so keep going. Charlie, looks like you are getting a great nap.
Have a super day.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Charlie you look very tired - did your mum keep you awake last night pacing the floor and worrying about her writing. Make sure she has a large glass or two of wine tonight - it could give her new inspiration for her book or at least a good long sleep!!

Theresa Milstein said...

To be a writer is to forever battle writing demons. No rest for the writer. Unlike Charlie, who looks quite unconcerned about his master's writing woes.

If you got that whole Philip/Peter thing ironed out, that's half the battle. (And wasn't that a "Eureka" moment?)

You have gotten so much done in such a short amount of time. With a full-time job!

When you get to the end, you will have cries of joy.

Ann Best said...

Oh Jennifer. I've been with you on the weeping and sleeping. Writing is so difficult and so exhausting.

But you will prevail because you are a WRITER!!!

Jen and I wish you a winning Thursday!!

Sammy and Andy said...

We are purring that some sleep will remove the cobwebs from your brain, and you will find all the right words to finish your story.

Hi, handsome Charlie.....sweet dreams to both of you. xxxxxxxxx

Guinevere said...

Cute poem, but you're going to be fine. :) I

Talli Roland said...

Of course you'll get there! I know the feeling. Rewrites seem endless sometimes. But you'll get there, Old Kitty!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh we missed your 8 monthoversary yesterday - wow 8 months is great! And that poem about the problems with finishing - love it! I wish I could give you some suggestions but I am lucky I can think of anything right now (for some reason there are all these flies at my office and they are taunting me - feel free to use that if you would like!)

And Charlie, we think you are looking very handsome today!! And we are in agreement with both of you - a nap sounds great!

notesfromnadir said...

I forgot to congratulate you on your anniversary. Well, the big 1 will be your 1st anniversary!

Cute poem, but sounds like you need to take a break from the re-write for a day or 2.

Charlie's right, taking a nap always helps! :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Jennifer--Take a few days off and let your ms perculate in the back of your mind. :) Write some more wonderful poems and play with Charlie!

Have a Fantastic Friday!