Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lemon and Honey, Joy and Despair or Let's Do Yoga!

Fabulous bloggie friends, thank you for reading my Muse’s guest post yesterday. Happily, she is now tucked up in bed with a mug of warm lemon water and honey.

Oh no, hang on that’s me! :-)

In my Ibuprofen fugue I think I’ve managed to write a couple of 6 worded stories for the Arvon Competition that I will of course, not win. But the joy, bloggie friends, the joy is in completing and competing! The despair of losing will come later but let’s save that for another day

Now let’s do some yoga! Here is “Skittles does the Urdhva Dhanurasana, or backbend preparation"

© Photograph: Dan Borris/Barcroft USA

A further selection of pics may be seen here. They're taken from the forthcoming 2011 calendar Yoga Puppies and Kittens that will of course be on my wishlist for anyone wanting to buy me an x-mas pressie now. :-)

Charlie says: My favourite yoga pose is The Perfect Round Fur Creature Asleep on Carpet.

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!


Kea said...

It's too late for echinacea, but try doubling up on vitamin C. I take mega-doses of it when I get sick. Our former custodian swears by a shot of whiskey (scotch or rye) every night. I've tried that too! :-)

Congrats on writing a couple of stories for the contest! Six words; wow. Very difficult. I'm looking forward to reading them.

That calendar looks just adorable. I think I'll have an "eye candy" calendar on my wish list, though. ;-)

BTW, we all heartily approve of Charlie's favourite Yoga pose! We think we'll practice that this evening, in fact.

notesfromnadir said...

Charlie is obviously an expert at that pose. It's not the backbend but the sidebend & he's mastered it! :)

ABBY said...

I'm with you.
The curl is a favorite yoga position of mine as well.

Hope your Mom feels better.



KarenG said...

This post was so funny! I am LOL at the pictures of the yoga dogs and cats. So sorry you aren't feeling well. Lemon and honey is definitely the best remedy! I don't know if I can post this comment. Blogger doesn't like me today.

laughingwolf said...

add some rum to that, kit, and CHEERS! ;)

Summer said...

Aw, that's a Munchkin cat! I heart them--my in-laws have one.

Feel better soon! Maybe some medicinal whiskey... ;)

Katnip Lounge said...

Awwww! I want to do the "Encircling Kitty" pose! Charlie, you are a doll. A handsome doll!

m.q said...

agree with charlie
that is the best yoga pose

happy thursday

Susan Fields said...

What cute yoga pictures! I think Charlie's is my favorite, though - he looks so peaceful. :)

And what do you mean you won't win that contest? You just won a bronze and a runner-up! You're on a winning streak! :)

Jacqueline said...

Poor Jenn, so sorry you are still sick...We're impressed with Charlie's form and concentration during his yoga pose; we try to do that one everyday too!...We hope you feel better soon, Jenn...hugs...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm sorry you're still feeling poorly but congrats on getting stories written anyway.

Lovely piccies!

Simon Kewin said...

Glad to see you've recovered sufficiently to string 6 words together! I've submitted a few too. Well, 6, actually, as it seemed the right number.

Bit worried about your muse though - seemed quite stroppy to me.

Boonsong said...

Skittles ought to be careful with those stretching positions. I'd hate for her to have a catastrophe.
I favour Charlie's approach to exercise.
Thanks for a lovely post.

Have a nice day, Boonsong

Ellie said...

The six word stories are fun, aren't they? And you could win!

Love the calendar!

Ann said...

Well done you for completing and entering the competition. Half the battle. I haven't even gotten that far. My days are just whizzing by. So, pat yourself on the back.

Hope you feel better soon.

Oh love the yoga kitten.

Reenie said...

My mum suggests Honey and Lemon, too. I usually make tea with lemon and honey when I am sick and up to it...

Sending healing vibes your way :)

Looking forward to reading your stories too!

Marg said...

We like your picture the best Charlie although that one doing the back bend is darn good. Good for you to enter those contests. You are going to start winning them all. Hope you feel better really soon.

Theresa Milstein said...

Hope that ibuprofen and tea worked their magic.

I like Charlie's yoga pose.

Good luck with your six-word competition -I hope you win. Keep putting yourself out there. That's all we writers can do.

Talli Roland said...

I like Charlie's pose the best!

I do hope you're feeling better soon, Old Kitty. Being sick sucks.

Bossy Betty said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Tell Charlie to hold that pose for about 12 hours. Bet he could do it too!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Sorry you're still feeling awful - hope you'll feel a little better tomorrow - we all like Charlie's yoga position - think they'll be two more trying that one this evening.
One thing you can't be brain dead if you managed 2 of the 6 word stories today.

Jayne said...

You might win, you never know! And wish you better soon, feeling grotty is the pits. I want to curl up like Charlie at the moment, it looks so comfy to be able to tuck yourself in like that.

Hart Johnson said...

Congrats on your 6 worders! Those are hard to do and it's good practice (give a drabble a try, too--100 words is a little easier).

And I will second the whiskey recommendation but IN the tea with lemon... between the hot water, the lemony citrus and the powerful alcohol, it knocks out most stuff (and makes you not care about what it doesn't knock out)

Ginger Jasper said...

Very well done for competing and you never know.. Fingers crossed.. I love the curled up pose too.. Love the calender.. Hugs GJ xx

Four Dinners said...

Can you eats yoga? I eats everything.

I has been away cause Two Legs says he is busy.

I bites Two Legs toes and I is backimuss!!

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp
Maximus Spittimus

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm sorry to read that you've been sick, Jenn! Summer colds are the worst. I hope you are feeling better soon and that Charlie is taking good care of you.

Cats do yoga poses with such graceful ease. I, on the other hand, can't get up once I get

TK and Squashies said...

I hope you feels better. Is not fun at all to be sick. Do what Charlie does- sleep lots and play a little.

(We gives you a reward acause we loves you both so very much!)

Alexandra Crocodile said...

That might be my favourite picture of Charlie EVER! A perfect circle:)

Hope you get better soon xxx

Brian said...

Remember, it's not whether you win or loose that's that you give it your all. As for yoga, I'm with Charlie!

Repositório said...

The yoga position favorite of cats here at home is also The Perfect Round Fur Creature Asleep on Carpet, and, somteime, The Perfect Round Fur Creature Asleep on Mommy´s bed... =)

wncmountainliving said...

We think it is great that you give these word contest a go - most would not try! Charlie looks very sweet all curled up. That was not me on my garden tour post - it was my friend Emily. I have posted picts of me on my cat blog - not many!